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Imagine Reciting Quran Like The Prophet (PBUH)

We have the honor to have our teachers as a precious asset because all of them have a certificate from another certified teacher to the Prophet


Over 10k+ Successful Students and Still Counting


Hafizon academy always thrives on acquiring highly qualified and competent teachers. The assessment process includes, but not limited to, memorization of the Quran. Ijaza certificate, bachelor’s degree at least (some with masters), friendly manner, less than five years of experience in a relevant subject, and pass Hafizon teaching test.


We aim to broaden the student’s horizon by engaging and challenging them through different areas in Arabic and Quran topics and making them feel successful in each lesson. Students are also encouraged to develop questions to ensure their proper understanding of the subject. Above all. understanding our student needs and previous knowledge is a crucial area in our successful teaching methodology.


Knowing exactly your needs is where we stand out in a crowd. This means that when we evaluate your level at the beginning it helps us a lot in putting you through the right stage which will remarkably boost your level.


Discover How We Make Difference With You And Your Your Childs

We have the honor to have our teachers as a precious asset because all of them have a certificate from another certified teacher to the Prophet.

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With top-notch teachers that have 14 years experience in the Quran recitation and memorization and Arabic learning you will get you desired goal very quickly!

They Say

Anesa Krso

Senior Asset Manager

“Assalamu Aleikum,

I am originally from Bosnia and Herzegovina and am currently living in the United States, where I work full time as a Senior Asset Manager for a Real Estate Company. I am 39 years old, and I believed that my time to learn the Quran had passed. It is tough to find classes or schools that teach adults how to read the Quran properly with Tajweed rules. I was able to find classes, but they were all primarily for young children. When I found “Hafizon Academy”, my prayers were answered. I signed up for classes in February 2018 and have been learning since then.

My teacher, Hend Arafa, is the teacher I was introduced to, and I have been learning the Quran with her ever since. She is a fantastic teacher, and I am so blessed that she is in my life. Sister Hend is not only my teacher, but she has become my Sister for life. From the very beginning. Sister Hend has always been patient and kind in teaching me Tajweed rules and the proper pronunciation of the Arabic language. Arabic is not my native language. It is a fourth language I am trying to learn, and therefore sometimes it is difficult forme to pronounce it correctly.

Sister Hend always explains what I am learning and the importance behind it. She is an expert in her knowledge of the Quran recitation, Tajweed rules, and its meaning. No matter how many times I pronounce a word wrong. Sister Hend is always there attentively listening and gently correcting me. She makes me feel good about my progress: she encourages me to get better and offers suggestions on what I can do to get more fluent. She is patient and kind. She will stop me when I make a mistake and allows me to figure out what I did wrong before stepping in and assisting me. She is a fantastic teacher, and I am so blessed and thankful that I have her. She is an asset to the company and students that have the privilege to learn from her."

Hafizon.com anisa's Testimonial


Check what our clients say about us

“MashAllah, my children happily participate in your lessons, and their Us ta da is great,MashAllah. She engages them, encourages them, and challenges them to learn and memorize. AlhumdulilAllah, I am really happy that we found such an Academy and a teacher who is professional, consistent, and punctual. May Allah reward you all.”


Student's Mother

“Assalamu alaikum sister, having been using your academy since October 2019. We are delighted with the way the classes are running professional and straightforward. Shaikh Mohammed has been very patient with my son may Allah SWT reward him and all of you at the academy. My husband and I work as property developers, which means we work odd hours, and having the support of the academy and knowing ourson is learning have become quite handy and comforting.”



“I have joined the academy a month and a half ago. I didn’t expect my children to improve that fast.”



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