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Ramadan Mubarak and Ramadan Kareem Meaning

A few days ahead and Muslims around the world will celebrate this holy month and you’ll hear Ramadan Mubarak or Ramadan Kareem from your friends or family. Those two greetings are so traditional and they’re told as a kind of ritual or habit.

The month of Ramadan is renowned for its blessings. In it, Allah, SWT, revealed Quran to the prophet Mohammed and there’s no invaluable blessing for anyone than Quran.

Allah described Quran as a lighthouse, cure, reminder, and mercy for people. He also glorified Ramaḍân as the month in which the Quran was revealed to the prophet Muhammad as a guide for humanity, leading them to the straight road. However, If you still wonder what’s the meaning of Ramadan Mubarak, this article will elaborate on the meaning for you. Keep reading.

When is Ramadan 2022?

 Ramadan is a month-long holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide. It is a time of fasting, suhoor, prayer, and reflection. According to observances and moon sightings, This holiday begins on the evening of 1 April 13th and ends on the evening of May 12th, the beginning of eid fitr.

Basic Facts About Ramadan

It is the ninth month in the Hijri calendar, which comes after the month of Sha’ban. All this month, all Muslims do fasting. It’s one of the five pillars in which they are abstaining from food and water and sexual relations from dawn (sunrise) to sunset, then they’re allowed to eat Iftar. But women who are menstruating or pregnant are exempt.

This month has a special place in the history of Muslims. In it, the revelation of the Qur’an receded from the Preserved Tablet to the lowest heaven, and that was on the Liliah Alqadar, and then came down periodically during the revelation..

According to Islamic beliefs, Prophet Muhammad was in the Cave of Hira when the Angel Gabriel came to him and asked him to Read in the name of your Lord (Allah) and this was the first verse in this holy text. Also, it was the month in which Allah ordinated fasting and the Muslims do a lot of charity and nightly prayers.

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 what Does “ramadan Mubarak” Mean?

Ramadan Mubarak is a commonly used expression among Muslims and means Have a “blessed Rmadan.
It is the revered month for millions of Muslims and the adjective “Mubarak ” is derived from the word Baraka, an Arabic word that means in English abundance and wealth. So, when greeting someone using this word, you wish him more abundance and kheir during this holy month.

Ramadan Mubarak and Ramadan Kareem?

First, both greetings are correct and they indicate the same meanings but here we untangle the difference.

Ramadan Mubarak: means Blessed month and that’s right as Allah blessed it and distinguished it from all months by being the month in which the Quran was revealed and the massage of Islam began


Ramadan Kareem is less common in use and means “may Ramadan be generous,” and is used when someone wishes someone a happy month.

Some Muslims believe that using the phrase during this holy month goes against the teachings of Islam, but others argue that it’s ok to use it because it signifies the blessings God gives to His followers during the month of fasting. So, it depends more on the intent of the speaker.

Ramadan Mubarak Meaning ramadan comeback

Ramadan Mubarak in Many Languages

What’s Ramadan Mubarak Meaning in Bengali?

it translates to roja bhonger karon

2. What’s Ramadan Mubarak meaning in Hindi?

ramadan mubarak to your family and you is hindi: अपने परिवार और आप के लिए रमजान मुबारक

3. What’s Ramadan Mubarak to Everyone Meaning in Urdu?

سب کو رمضان مبارک

4. What’s Ramadan Mubarak Meaning in Tamil

ரமலான் முபாரக்

Happy Ramadan Mubarak Meaning

Some people say happy Ramadan but it’s a little bit unfamiliar. So, they add it to Mubarak saying happy Ramadan Mubarak. And they’re very warm greetings to your family and friends before this month.

When to Say Ramadan Mubarak?

Greeting someone on the occasion of Ramadan is an Islamic tradition and it’s considered a kind, polite act. There are no mandatory sentences for greeting, but typically people use “Ramadan Kareem” or “Ramadan Mubarak”

Regarding the best time, It’s ideal to greet someone when being closer to the beginning of Ramadan, especially before the fasting period begins. After Ramadan. Also, is OK to say, Eid Mubarak, which means “blessed festival” in Arabic, to congratulate people at the entrance of eid and wish them good health and dwellings

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Ramadan Mubarak Meaning ramadan kareem

What is the Correct Greeting for Ramadan?

The traditional greeting for Ramadan is “Ramadan Mubarak” which means “Happy Ramadan.” You can also say “Happy Ramadan or Ramadan Kareem.

Ramadan Greetings in Arabic

There are many ways to wish someone a happy Ramadan, including in Arabic.رمضان سعيد is the Arabic translation for happy Ramadan.رمضان مبارك Ramadan Mubarakرمضان كريم Ramadan Kareem

Ramadan Wishes in English

Ramadan Mubarak means “blessed Ramadan or generous Ramadan.. Those are examples on how to use this when greeting someone in English
* Blessed be Allah who has blessed us with this holy month.* May Allah reward you for fasting during this holy month.* I thank Allah for His generosity in permitting us to observe this blessed month.

Greetings for Ramadan (congratulations Quotes)

In Ramadan, people, especially young people, began exchanging messages in a modern and light-hearted form, and among these congratulations:

  • Happy new year
  • Mubarak to you this month
  • Ramadan Kareem, may God bring it back to you for many years and long periods.
  • may God bring it back to us and you with goodness and delight
  • Ramadan has come with its crescent in the sky. May it illuminates your house and ours.
  • May your Ramadan be blessed.. and all your moments be blessed.. and Paradise my home and your home.. and the Prophet is my neighbor and your neighbor.
  • A bouquet, roses, a basket of incense for you on the occasion of Ramadan.
  • Quran reminds us that we have to stay pure. As Ramadan is fast approaching, Let’s prepare our hearts and minds for that. Ramadan Kareem!
  • May we all find blessing and guidance as we recite the Quran all together during the Ramadan Days. Ramadan Mubarak.
  • Wish you have a blissful Ramadan. May the Rahman of Almighty Allah shine upon you and your family always.!
Ramadan Mubarak Meaning muslims celeberate

How to Respond to Ramadan Mubarak?

When someone sends you a Ramadan Mubarak massage, you can respond using those heart-tendered sentences

  • God bless you and honor you to meet Ramadan in the best condition
  • May God honors your days and makes you happy near your loved ones, thank you.
  • May God bless you with paradise, and the company of the honorable prophets, thank you.
  • May God bless you, protect you and your family, and Happy New Year
  • On us and upon you, O Lord, with goodness, health, and safety.
  • With goodness and blessing upon us and all Muslims, every year and you are safe.
  • God bless you and your family, it will be returned to you.
  • Peace be upon you, may God bless you and yours, and happy new year.
  • God bless you, my friend, and every year and you are good.
  • As you fast and offer prayers to Allah, may you find your peace and happiness? Have a peaceful and happy Ramadan.

How do I wish someone a happy Ramadan?

Exchanging invitations and congratulations between people is one of the best ways to deepen friendships, and solidify working relationships, especially those that are no longer very strong.

Here are some simple etiquettes to follow when congratulating people on the coming of Ramadan, that will leave them with awesome impressions.

1. Be careful to personalize your congratulation. Do not collect the entire list of friends in the Tag on the greeting image on Facebook or in a group message.

2. In the case of sending your message on Facebook, it is preferable to upload the image or write the text of the congratulations yourself instead of reforwarding the congratulations that you have already received from another person.

3. It is always better to write the name of the recipient in your message before anything, to make him feel that you care and that he is not just a number in your contacts list

4. Also, take into account the nature of the relationship between you and the recipients. Is it formal or informal? Also, consider the age of the recipients. It’s not good to send humourous massages to the elderly.


Ramadan is the holy month for Muslims and approaching our loved ones with congratulation massages for this month is one of the best ways to feel much closer to them, and deepen your relationship with them.

So before the beginning of this month, prepare all of your massages upfront. send congratulations. Customize your massages well and it’s better to make a call and talk to them directly.

In this article, you’ve known Ramadan Mubarak Meaning, besides another congratulation phrased you can use to tailor your massages to your family or friends.

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