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15 DIY simple Ramadan Decorations Ideas for Adorning Your House

A few days separate us from the holy month of Ramadan whose days differ from the days of the year. You might see people decorate their streets and the facades of their buildings with cheerful lights, lanterns, and crescents… Those decorations aren’t only on the public roads but also sneak inside their cozy houses.

Ramadan is a time of spiritual reflection and growth, but it can also be fun! If you’re looking for some simple ideas to decorate your house for Ramadan, look no further. These 15 DIY decorations are easy to create and will help you get in the joyful spirit of Ramadan. From paper lanterns to streamers, there’s something here for everyone. So get creative and start planning your Ramadan decor today!

Ramadan Decorations for Your House

Here are some Simple Ramadan decorations you can do to express your faith in this new month. These will really give off that joyous atmosphere and celebrate with enthusiastic feelings!

1. Hang banners and Lanterns

Ramadan banners consist of some papers tied together and come in various shapes and styles. You can choose a classic or modern style with printable letters like Ramadan Kareem or Ramadan Mubarak over it and hang them over your fireplace, in your doorway, by your dining room table, or by the window.

Also, you can make a mix of banners and lanterns that will lend animated beauty and joy to your silent walls, especially when you light them up in the dark.

Lantern or Fanoos are one of the iconic patterns of Ramadan. You can hang a lantern solemnly in a sweet spot in your house, like in the dining room or next to the door to illuminate the interiors. Or hang it on the ceiling of your balcony and your children will love its gleaming lights under the starry sky!.

Ramadan decorations Ramadan Mubarak banner
Ramadan decorations ideas- Ramadan Mubarak banner

2. Hang a Wreath of flowers over the Front door

Your front door is the first thing your guests notice when they visit you, so you can leave them with a good impression by hanging a crescent-shaped wreath of flowers with a banner saying Ramadan Kareem or Ramadan Mubarak. . Be inspired by those images below (collected from Pinterest)

3. Choose a Table Cover with Images of Ramadan

Celebrate The holy month with a beautifully-crafted new table cloth that reflects the atmosphere of Ramadan.

There are many colorful, vivid table covers you can choose from with various lengths and shapes.

Most of them are multi-color (a blend of red, blue, and green) and you can find some table cover fully colored in blue with lovely, printable lanterns or crescents on them. They come in rectangles or rounded shapes. The table cover in your dining room will attract your visitor’s eyes when you invite them to a family Iftar.

Ramadan decoration cover table
Ramadan decoration ideas- choose a table cover

4. Prepare Your Prayer Corner.

A prayer corner is one of the most important decorations you should prepare before Ramadan. Here are simple steps on how to do that.

  • Choose a quiet spot away from the noise, T.V, and clangors that distract you during your prayer
  • Arrange your Prayer cloth and rug and other additional stuff like your Mushaf, and Quran stand holder in the corner
  • It’s preferable if you hang a curtain that isolates the prayer corner from the other surrounding area.
  • Keep a lit light that helps you recite from your Mushaf and feel reverence toward Allah (we always invoke Allah in the darkness, not in the dazzling lights)

5. Transform Your Interior Areas

Among Ramadan decorations you can do is festoon your room and hallways with balloons and wreaths of flowers. You can fix balloons and lightbulbs into the ceilings of the interior areas and decorate your curtains with small colorful bulbs that add an aesthetic, eye-catching appearance.

Also, you can replace the pillow covers with new ones that have printable images of lanterns and crescents on them, and nattily put them on the sofa to beautify your dining room.

6. Pick out Ramadan Wall Art and Stickers

For adorning your walls and reflecting a Ramdani atmosphere, Pick out the wall art and stickers that have words like Ramadan Kareem or some Quranic verses, or other Islamic engravings. All these paintings can be obtained from decoration fairs and places that sell paintings such as furniture stores.

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DIY Ramadan Decorations Ideas

Those ideas are non-expensive and you can do it yourself or involve your children and let them have fun. Those videos will show you how to make Ramadan decorations with slight dexterity.

1. Make Ramadan Lantern out Of Paper

All you need is paper, a paper cutter, scissors, embroidery thread, a hot glue gun, and cord ends. Watch the video and follow the steps.

2. Make 3D stars of papers

All you need is colored paper, a pen, a ruler, scissors, and your hand to make those magical stars for Ramadan decorations

3. Make a Creative Ramadan Calendar

All you need is paper boards (2-3), pen, scissors, ruler, glitter sheet, glue, sticky notes, a pepper cutter, sticky stars

4. Make a Ramadan Banner

For making this design, All you need is paper boards. gold metallic paint, paintbrush, glitter foam sheet, embroidery thread, and lantern template from Google

printable Ramadan decorations

5. Hanging Stars and Cresent

This design you can hang on your walls next to over your cabinet or in the passages of your house. For making it, You need some helpful instruments, including a wooden stick/thin branch, glue, rope, glitter foam sheet, a circular shape (could be a chocolate box cover, a pen, scissors, sticky notes (to make out your stars, sticky strips, and glue.

Take some thick colored paper and cut it out in the shape of a crescent moon and stars of different sizes. Choose attractive colors that match the color of the walls of the house.

Then, Make small holes at the edges of each shape. Fasten a number of them together using a fabric or plastic thread (hook thread) and use a wooden stick as a holder. After, fix them to the wall with strong adhesive.

Ramadan decorations DIY

6. Wreath of Flowers with Dangling Stars

For making this fascinating art of fact, you need a Cardboard radius of 8 cm, a paper radius of 5, scissors, glue, some colored roses, a pen, and artificial leaves. sheet paper, foam) and follow the steps included in this video.

Ramadan decorations DIY

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How to Ramadan Decorations Ideas for Kid?

Ramadan decorations for children increase their joy and happiness and make them feel that Ramadan is different from the rest of the months of the year, which makes them accept fasting. There are many ideas for decorating the house that children can participate in making, including:

  • Make Lanterns out of old bottles or not-used sheets of paper and hang them in your kid’s room
  • Cut paper or old plastic gaps to make out Ramadan decoration branches and decorate the room of your child for Ramadan.
  • Make some Ramadan shapes using foam paper or cardboard and engage your children in coloring them.
  • Do you ever think about making The seheriwalas (or zohridaars), a very common figure in the Indian tradition who walks around at night to wake up the sleeping night? you can make the decor of the house and a seheriwala.
  • Just bring shiny poly crepe paper and cut it out in the shape of a house, and involve your children in coloring it. After they are done, make a mock-up of the seheriwala’s body with broadcloth, or any other material you have available, such as cloth or something else.
  • Another homemade Ramadan decoration is the masjid (mosque) and it doesn’t cost much. First, bring paper bags and cut their hands. Then cut out colored paper in the shape of the minaret and the dome and stick them in the place of the hands. After finishing put them in your child’s room or the prayer corner. That will encourage him to perform prayer and Taraweeh when seeing it.
  • Also, you can make Ramadan lantern out of used plastic bottles instead of throwing them. Just cut out its upper half and use the lower part as a lantern base then make its hand out of the left plastic, and fasten it well to the base. Then, put a candle inside and it will light up your child’s room. You can also write something like Ramadan Kareem on the bottle.
  • Involve your child in choosing and buying the colors of the decorations, as well as choosing where to place them. Make him feel responsible and that you trust his opinion.

Take inspiration from other ideas you can do in the images below (remember the goal is to involve your kids in those activities so he/she can feel more confident and happy with the comeback of Ramadan.


Decorating your house before Ramadan is one of the interesting activities that bring a lot of joy and leave your visitors impressed. In this article, we listed some of the Ramadan decorations ( Some you can DIY) with the help of simple techniques and craftiness.

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