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Quran is the book of Allah channeled through his prophet Mohammed as a mercy and blessing for all humanity. And for this reason, Muslims around the world want to learn the proper recitation of this holy book to read and memorize the Quran as well.

prophet Muhammad said in one of the hadith: “The best among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Qur’an and teach it.”

Other than being a noble goal and getting great rewards from almighty Allah, learning how to recite the holy Quran correctly is obligatory, especially for children living abroad and short of finding a good teacher offline…

So, Hafizon institute helps Muslim women around the world to read Quran online, besides knowing much information about their religion through providing various Quran courses online.

Have a look at our courses here and get ready for a free trial.

Free Online Quran Classes for Sisters

Quran, the sacred scripture of Islam, is composed of 114 chapters and 30 hizb. Quran is made obligatory for each Muslim to read and understand its verses as Allah said in one of the surahs:

 Indeed, those who recite the Book of Allah and establish prayer and spend [in His cause] out of what We have provided them, secretly and publicly, [can] expect a profit that will never perish ” (35:29)

Our online Quran classes for Muslim sisters are designed to help you learn the Quran at your pace, in the comfort of your home. Our qualified and experienced Quran tutors will guide you through each lesson, helping you to understand and apply the Quran in your daily life.

What Are the Different Course Options for Online Quran Classes?

Hafizon academy offers one-on-one Islamic courses for sisters who want to learn the Quran and be hafiza.

1.Online Islamic Courses for Ladies

Those online Islamic courses for ladies are an excellent way to learn more about the religion and its teachings. They provide the opportunity to study at one’s own pace, in their own time, and in the comfort of their own home.

Women can benefit from learning more about Islamic beliefs, practices, and values, as well as gaining insight into how they can better serve Allah (SWT) and live a life of faithfulness to Him

2. Quran Hifdh Courses

Sisters can choose from various courses depending on their level of Quran understanding and commitment. Classes range from beginner to advanced, with some offering certification upon completion. There are also specialized courses for those who want to learn how to memorize Quran as well.

Quran courses help students memorize the entire Quran or some chapters according to each student’s desires and plans. For sisters willing to memorize the entire book and be scholars, Hafizon offers additional Ijazah programs (However, those programs are more suitable for people who have advanced levels in the Arabic language)

3.Tajweed Classes Online

Tajweed classes are a great way to learn the rules of reciting the Quran correctly. These classes provide an interactive and engaging learning environment for students, allowing them to learn at their own pace.

Students are able to review material and practice their skills with audio recordings and visual aids. The lessons include a detailed explanation of each rule and its application, as well as exercises that allow students to test their understanding.

With these courses, students can develop an understanding of the basics of tajweed before moving on to more complex topics. Additionally, teachers can provide feedback on student progress, allowing for further improvement.

By taking advantage of these free courses, everyone can gain a better understanding of the beauty of the Quran’s recitation and improve their recitation skills.

3. Join Islamic Classes

Hafizon offers Islamic studies that introduce you and your children to Islam as a religion, Those courses aim to increase your Islamic knowledge by focusing on many aspects related to your faith ( Muslims Akeeda), Fiqh, hadiths (sunnah), prophet’s biography, and pillars of Islam, including zakat ad hajj. The curriculum is based on many resources and Islamic books.

Those courses are held by expert female Quran instructors who can convey information in the simplest manner and take advantage of recent technological methods such as video clips and AI boards. Since those classes occur face to face privately, you’ll feel more secure and confident to ask any questions and get close monitoring from your teacher.

4. Free Online Quran Memorization Classes

Hafizon holds regular weekly classes (Halaqat) for free for all sisters interested in learning to read the Quran online. Those Halaqat are offered by certified Quran teachers with a long experience in teaching Quran to native and non-native speakers.

Not only do these courses provide you with the opportunity to memorize the Quran online and improve your pronunciation of Quranic verses but also allow you to join one of the best Muslim communities, allowing you to share your insights and build a long brotherhood with them.

What Is the Process of Taking Online Quran Classes?

The registration process is easy. All you have to do is follow those short steps.

Step 1 Register for a free trial

Step 2: Start taking classes

Step 3: Finish the course

What Advantages of Joining Quan Classes with Hafizon?

There are many benefits you will acquire by enrolling in our courses, including

  1. Join teachers whose native language is Arabic
  2. Learn with comfort from your home
  3. Learn with male and female teachers according to your preferences
  4. multilingual teachers who can communicate in both Arabic and English
  5. Obtain a completion certificate after completing each course
  6. Quizzes and practices after each level
  7. Very interactive, fun environment to learn
  8. One-to-one sessions that ensure more privacy and freedom for each student
  9. monitoring reports that highlight your current performance
  10. 24/7 technical support, ready to solve any issue encountering you.

What Are the Requirements for Joining You?

There is no such requirement needed to join our courses. All you need to have is a device to access our content (whether it’s a mobile phone, PC, or tablet) and a stable internet connection so there is no issue occurring during recording the session.

You have also to download zoom or any other similar app available for you in your country so you can be ready to access our session.

About Our Female Teachers

All of our Quran teachers graduated from renowned, prestigious Islamic institutes such as Al Azhar university and hold an ijzaha in memorizing the holy Quran entirely Qiraat Hafas ibn Assem.

They also have over a decade of online Quran teaching for +2000 students around the world, including countries such as Australia, Canada, Sweden, the UK, UAE, and more.

They can communicate both in English and Arabic and can deal with kids of all ages. For more reviews about our Quran teachers, read reviews here.

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Let Us Help You with Your Mission and Learning Journey

Let us help you on your mission and learning journey! Our experienced team of dedicated professionals can provide you with the necessary support, guidance, and resources to realize your goals. We specialize in creating customized courses that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each student.

Our personalized approach ensures that we are able to assist learners at all levels, from novice to advanced. We also provide a range of services including assessments, tutoring, mentoring, and coaching.

Whether you’re seeking Islamic knowledge or memorizing the Quran or learning tajweed rules, our team can help you achieve success. Come join us on this exciting journey and let us help make your dreams a reality!

For more inquiries about our courses and registration process, contact us. Our team will reach out to you immediately.

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