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Learn Quran Tajweed Online With the Best Tutors[Learning Guide]

Tired of looking for online Quran tutors who teach you how to read Quran with tajweed rules?

You might live in a non-Arabic country, lack the opportunity to join an offline institution, or have a busy schedule.

Hafizon academy offers you a chance to memorize the online Quran with tajweed from the comfort of your own home.

You’re free to set up your learning hours and memorize Quran Tajweed online with the help of hand-picked perfect native teachers who will guide you seamlessly across this journey.

But first, what’s is tajweed? And why it’s important to learn it when memorizing Quran?

What Is the Definition of Tajweed?

Tajweed linguistically means absolute perfection in making something to an outstanding level. So, the reader is called perfect or (مٌجَوَّد in Arabic) when his pronunciation of words is clear and void of mistakes.

In terminology, tajweed means to give each letter in Quran its rights and duties and pronounce each letter from its articulation points (Makharaj مخارج in Arabic) without excesses or negligence.

Ibn Ali ibn Yusuf al-Jazari clarified the elements of tajweed in his book as a branch of science dealing with learning letters’ exits and their characteristics (ṢIFAAT) and training the tongue to read according to the rules.

Tajweed has gained great significance in Islam for its connection with the Quran, the sacred book. Also, it’s one of the top Islamic sciences. Want to try out for tajweed classes for free? Register now in our free session here.

Who Created the Science of Tajweed?

Every science has its creator, and tajweed is no exception. You might ask yourself who is the founder of this science. To answer, we must go back in history to the age of Islam and revelation.

Quran was revealed to the prophet Mohamed in a very particular recitation. Mohamed’s Companions have followed in his footsteps. Likewise, their followers did so. Throughout centuries, and with the spread of Islam across various nations, Mohamed’s recitation of the Quran circulated and was copied by millions of Muslims.

At first, this recitation of the Quran was passed down orally until Muslim scholars raised to preserve it neatly in written manuscripts, making its rules explicit to all Muslims.

What Are the Sources of Tajweed Science?

We can conclude that learning the science of Tajweed depends on two resources.

  • The verbal performance derived from the prophet’s recitation and imparted to us throughout generations
  • .The theoretical rules recorded by Muslim scholars in their volumes.
Quran Tajweed Online
learn tajweed with Hafizon Academy- Quran Tajweed Online

Should You Learn the Quran With Tajweed?

Reciting Quran with tajweed will save your tongue from Lahan or mistakes. Also, you’ll be able to read Quran seamlessly and feel the beauty of its words, and Some scholars see it’s mandatory to recite Quran. It will also make Quran memorization easier for you.

What Are the Ways to Learning Quran Online?

Online Quran learning has many ways. You can read books as a first step, but you should search for the best tutors to guide you.

Online Quran classes can shorten the road much better by gradually monitoring your progress and highlighting the mistakes you make and how to correct them.

How Long Can You Study Tajweed to a Master Level?

Learning tajweed online takes time the differs from one to another according to age and acquisition capacity. Some people learn faster and others can face some difficulties.

  • the average child (5-8) can be able to read the whole Quran at 3 years
  • the average child (10-13) might take about 1.5: 2 years to achieve the same.
  • for elders, the time gets shorter. It might take you about 1 year according to your interest and free time you dedicate to studying Tajweed.

Is learning Quran with tajweed easy?

Learning Everything in life takes time, effort, and consistent practice.

So, it’s not easy or hard. It’s just related to your pure, sincere intent. And a perfect Quran teacher will make the learning process easier for you.

Hafizon academy, we’re proud of teaching thousands of people like you. See what people see about us and launch your journey to study tajweed online with our platform.

What are The phases tajweed science passed through?

As we mentioned before, Tajweed science didn’t take form overnight. It has been preserved throughout a prolonged succession of generations who imparted the oral recitation of the prophet Mohamed from the first era of Islam to our recent age. We can separate the phases tajweed has been through into three.

The First Phase: The Verbal Reception Before the Codification

This phase begins from the age of Islam to the release of the first publications in the Arabic language and Qiraʼat science in the 2nd centuries ah.

Quran recitation rules in this era depended on the impeccable, proper language of the Companions and oral education. Those simple attempts of verbal imparting of knowledge played a remarkable role in protecting the original recitation of the Quran from the influence of the language variations after the conversion of many non-Arabic nations in Islam.

The Second Phase: Codification of the Basics of Tajweed Rules Into the Language Rules and Qiraʼat Books

This phase spanned two centuries until the first book in tajweed science came to light.

The oldest book about Language rules was Sibawayh’s book. It tackled some tajweed subjects, such as the articulation points of the Letters and their characteristics, besides other rules and vocal phenomena. Those subjects later constituted the science of tajweed.

Also, the oldest book in Qiraʼat science saved from oblivion, Kitab al-Sab’ fil-qirā’āt by Abu Bakr Ibn Mujāhid, referred to some issues related to tajweed.

The Third Phase: The Emergence of Books About Tajweed as an Independent Science.

As a result of the massive scientific progress, scholars were convinced that writing out particular books about tajweed as an independent science was an inevitable must. First, there were many unorganized attempts to demonstrate that.

For example, El Khaqania, a concise poem by a Parisian poet, served as the first bid in presenting the tajweed rules. Yet its lack of cohesion and inclusiveness, since it was poetic, made it weak to consider.

It wasn’t until the fifth century that the term (tajweed) was coined, and it grew to be a stand-alone field of science.

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Quran Tajweed Online
A Kid learning Quran tajweed- Quran Tajweed Online

How to Learn Quran Tajweed Online From Books?

Firstly, we have to say reading books alone isn’t a way to skip your classes. They can give you a theoretical frame. But they won’t provide you with the practical training necessary to read Quran correctly. You have to get a masterful, expert tutor who guides you safely through this journey. Anyway, we’ve condensed tajweed books down into two primary groups.

The Oldest, Thorough Books of Tajweed:

Those are an invaluable source of information as they laid the foundation of this science, and they include

What Are Other Books for Tajweed?

Since it’s hard to mention all of the books in this article, we only referred to the most important of them, and we recommend reading the literature of Imam ibn Ali ibn Yusuf al-Jazari in this respect. They include Al-Tamhīd fī ʻilm al-tajwīd, Al-Muqaddimah al-Jazariyya, and tajweed section in his book al-Nashr fī al-qirāʼāt al-ʻashr.

Al-Muqaddimah al-Jazariyya was a source of inspiration for many books written for elaborating and expounding on it like SHARH AL-MUQADDIMAH AL-JAZARIYYAH by GHANIM QADDOURI AL-HAMAD.

The Recent Books to Learn Quran Tajweed Online

Those books didn’t depend on the explanations of Al-Muqaddimah al-Jazariyya. Rather, they capitalized on the scientific revolution in information presentation and the photonics and other innovative sciences that served tajweed.

Of all those well-renowned books, we recommend you to study those books below for their simplicity and distinctiveness.

The Best Books to Study Tajweed

  1. The system is useful in the science of Tajweed- Shihab Aldin Ahmed Bin Bahadir Aldin Altibi.
  2. jhad-el maqal- Muhammad bin Abi Bakr Al-Maraghi
  3. Tuhfat aL- atfal(sulaymān al-Jamzūrī). He wrote in a poetic way to make it easy for students to memorize.

What Are the Rules of Tajweed?

There are several rules of tajweed. In this article, we only refer to the basics of them.

Learning articulations points of letters. It means the areas from which sounds of Arabic letters come out. This is one of the hardest lessons, especially for non-native students unfamiliar with the Arabic language.

Learning the Noon sakinah and Tanween rules

There are four rules of Noon sakinah:

  1. clear الإظهار
  2. inserting, merging الإدغام(divided in two : ( إدغام بغنّة، إدغام بغير غنّة)
  3. change الإقلاب
  4. hiding, concealment الإخفاء

Other rules include: The Meem sakinah, the Ghunna, Lam sakinah, The Mudood, The Qalqalah, etc.

Most of the rules are involved in the books of Noorani Qaida, the best reference for learning how to recite the Quran with tajweed.

Quran Tajweed Online
a Woman learning tajweed – Quran Tajweed Online

The Difference Between Learning Tajweed and Qiraʼat

Both sciences revolve around studying the words of the Holy Quran. Though they are complementary, some difference sets them apart and makes each independent.

Tajweed science looks at How to pronounce the words of the Quran and letters from articulation points and their characteristics and the verbal rules. Also, it’s concerned about particular issues regarding improving pronunciation. For understanding the role of Tajweed and its relation with words, let’s take an example in the word يحزنك.

Example to Show You the Difference

Tajweed shows you how to pronounce each letter in this previous example from its articulation point. It tells you how to hide the letter ن (noon) after ز. Also, shows the degree of Ghunnah, its time, and whether it’s heavy or light.

Qiraʼat, on the other hand, looks at how the words read before. Turning back to our former example, the word يحزنك can read يَحْزُنكَ or يُحزِنكَ. . (Notice the harakat locations in two words). Qiraʼat science shows you who read it like the first example and who read it like the second one.

While tajweed tells you whether the letter ر is heavy or soft. Qiraʼat tells you that this Shiekh reads it softly, and another reads it heavily.

What About the Common Points Between Them?

There are many.

  • both sciences are related to the words of the Quran
  • the written, codified rules of both sciences don’t differ from the verbal utterance in which the Quran is revealed.
  • Tajweed is considered a part of Qiraʼat science, and you can find some overlapped points, between them, in the scholars’ books. For example, you can find some explanations about tajweed in Qiraʼat’s books.

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Do I Need a Teacher to Learn Tajweed, or Can I Self-Study It?

You can read the theoretical rules. But as we told you before: you should seek an expert tutor to teach Quran recitation. Otherwise, you can’t pronounce words properly. Tajweed is one of the sciences that require external guidance.

Why Do You Need a Tajweed Tutor?

A qualified teacher will teach you all the rules of Tajweed orally through listening and repetition. He will rectify your mistakes regularly and consistently monitor your progress. It’s hard to judge your level yourself, so seeking an expert will ultimately shorten the road.

Why Do You Join Hafizon Academy?

In hafizon, you have the opportunity to study tajweed lessons at one-to-one classes with a team of hand-picked, competent Quran teachers with a flexible booking system to set your hours to fit with your schedule. with male and female Quran teachers you can select which teacher you want.

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In this article, you’ve known much information about tajweed science, its importance, and how to kick off your learning journey. Also, you’re educated about the phases this science has gone through and the best old and recent journey to study it.

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