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Juz Amma Memorization in 30 Days: A Detailed Schedule

Juz amma is the final chapter in the noble Quran, starting with surah Al Naba and ends with surah al Nas,

Many Muslims look for memorizing this part , especially kids whose parents seek to help them memorize short surahs so they can recall easily during prayer, making its memorization easier than any chapter in the holy Quran.

The good news is it’s not so hard to complete its memorization in just one month,

In this article, we’ll show you an overview of juz amma and how you or your kids can memorize it with a chart for 30 days, keep reading.

What is Juz Amma (Juz 30)?

Juz Amma is the 30th and final part of the Quran. It contains 37 short chapters (surahs) which are easy to read and understand and focuses on the subjects of the hereafter and the necessity of worshipping allah and obeying his commands, also it presents the signs of Allah’s existence in the universe and his infinite blessings for all humanity.

The reason for its name is surah Nabba, the first surah which starts with  Amma Yatasa’aloon ( عم يتسائلون in Arabic), and the surahs in this juz are often recited by Muslims during their daily prayers for its shortness, compared to the surahs in the previous parts.

What Are the Benefits of Memorizing Juz Amma?

Juz amma memorization has several benefits for any Muslim

1. It Includes Two of The Great Surahs in The Quran

ThOSE two surahs are Al Naba and Al takwir

Abu Bakr said: “O Messenger of Allah, you have grayed!” He said: ‘I have been made gray-haired by Hud (Al-Qur’an; 11)), the calamity (Al-Qur’an; 56)), the winds sent forth (Al-Qur’an; 77)). what will they question one another about?’ (Al-Qur’an; 74)). and ‘when the sun is overthrown’ (Al-Qur’an; 81)’.”

Ibn Umar narrated that:

The Messenger of Allah said: “Whoever wishes to look at the Day of Resurrection, as if he is seeing it with this eye, then let him recite: ‘When the sun Kuwwirat’ and ‘When the heaven is cleft sunder (Infatarat) and ‘When the heaven is split asunder.’”

2- It’s Recommended to Memorize It First

Many quran tutors advise people to start memorization juz amma after surah Al Fatiha, due to its easy and short surahs, so The hafiz doesn’t get bored quickly.

in other words, If you memorized three surahs, such as surah al Ikhlas, al-Falaq, and al nas, you can recite them in all of your prayers. That makes this juz important to memorize for a child or a new converter to Islam

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Juz 30 Surahs List

Here are the surahs of Juz 30 ordered according to their place in the mushaf.

Number in MushafSurah name
1An Naba
2An Nazi at
4At Takwir
5Al Infitar
6Al Mutaffifin
7Al Inshiqaq
8Al Buruj
9At Tariq
10Al Ala
11Al Ghashiyah
12Al Fajr
13Al Balad
15Al Layl
16Ad Dhuha
17Ash Sharh
18At Tin
19Al Alaq
20Al Qadr
21Al Bayyinah
22Az Zalzalah
23Al Adiyat
24Al Qariah
25At Takathur
26Al Asr
27Al Humazah
28Al Fil
30Al Maun
31Al Kawthar
32Al Kafirun
33An Nasr
34Al Masad
35Al Ikhlas
36Al Falaq
37An Nas

What Are Tips for Memorizing Juz Amma?

Here are some tips you can deploy to motivate yourself or your child to memorize this juz

Determine Your Own Memorization Rate

If you’ll willing to memorize the Qur’an, then the first thing to do is to determine a good deal of the Quran that you can memorize daily taking into account your memorization capacity. For example, you can specify the number of verses or pages for your day-to-day memorization.

Of course, you’ve to dedicate another deal of time to correct your memorization each day through rounds of intensive repetition. And don’t move to a new surah unile your master memorization of the current part and fully absorbed it.

Create juz amma tree

This is an innovative way foe memorizing Juz Amma for children. On a sheet of paper draw a tree that branches into 37 leaves. Each leaf of the tree bears the name of a surah from the surah of Juz’ Amma.

When your child memorizes a new surah, ask him to color its leaf, and that’ll motivate him to continue.

The same paper can also be used to shade or color the surahs your child reads during the holy month of Ramadan to encourage him to read and make Khatma for the Noble Qur’an.

Juz amma memorization

There are multiple ways to help children memorize Juz amma, And you can choose any method over another, depending on the child’s age, his aquision capacity , and education among other important factors

Presentation: This method is suitable for children who can read and write. And in which the teacher selects a number of verses for the child to memorize, and the child reads them from the Holy Qur’an, repeats them, and memorizes them on his own – without any help from the teacher.

Indoctrination: This method is suitable for children who cannot read or write – they’re usually at the age of nursery school. And in which the teacher recites the words of the verses clearly, and asks the child to repeat after him until he fully memorized them.

Listening: It means attentive listening to a recorded audio file for the surahs several times or watching a video that includes verses, time after them, then pause and try to imitate the reciter and tape-record it. After a while, repeat the same verse again and notice the difference between your reciation, and that’s of the reciter.

Most importantly, after memorizing one surah, encourage your child to recite in his daily prayer (even before property, because that’ll help him tremendously and fix the verses in his mind).

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Memorization Schedule for Juz Amma

Juz amma includes 37 surahs, so it’s not so hard to memorize this part in this period. However, it may be take longer to fix this memorization and revise it. So, you can either use juz amma memorization chart if you want to memorize juz amma in 30 days or create the one that suits you. (

1thSurah Naba (1-20 verse)
2thSurah Naba (21-40 verse)
3thAn Nazi at (1-26 verse)
4thAn Nazi at (27-46 verse)
5thAbasa (1-23 verse)
6thAbasa (24-42 verse)
7thAt Takwir (1-14 verse)
8thAt Takwir (15-29 verse)
9thAl Infitar
10thAl Mutaffifin (1-17 verse)
11thAl Mutaffifin (18-36 verse)
12thAl Inshiqaq (1 -9 verse)
13thAl Inshiqaq (10 -25 verse)
14thAl Buruj
15thAt Tariq
16thAl Ala
17thAl Ghashiyah
18thAl Fajr (1-14 verse)
19thAl Fajr (15-30 verse)
20thAl Balad
22thAl Layl
23thAd Dhuha, Ash Sharh
24thAt Tin, Al Alaq
25thAl Qadr, Al Bayyinah
26thAz Zalzalah, Al Adiyat
27thAl Qariah, At Takathur
28thAl Asr, Al Humazah, Al Fil ,Quraysh
29thAl Maun, Al Kawthar, Al Kafirun
30thAn Nasr, Al Masad,Al Ikhlas, Al Falaq, An Nas

Other Tips to Help You Memorize Faster

There are some tips that you can help you or your kids get the best results in memorizing,

1) Stick to a particular mushaf, and don’t change it. That fixes the image of the verses in your mind and makes it harder to be forgotten.

2) Understand the meaning of the verses before memorizing them and notice how they’re connected to each other, thus , facilitate their memorization further.

3) Seek out a perfect Quran tutor, on a regular basis who can correct your recitation for what you’ve memorized and rectify the mistakes you do unconsciously.

4)Pay attention to the similar verses of the Qur’an; to be masterful in your memorization.

5)Don’t forget to Revise your memorized surahs, and it’s better to create a revision system and abide by it because it’s pretty clear that what’s not revised is prone to be fell off your memory.

6) Purify your intention to God Almighty, and seek his help and guidance to aid you in your memorization journey and facilitate the obstacles that might encounter you.

7) Be patient and don’t ruch the results or move to the next surah or verse or chapter until you finally memorized the current surah.

8) Don’t delay your deal of the Quran to the next day,

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Juz amma is one of the most important chapters in the Quran you should make your child to memorize it especially at a young age , because he’ll use it during his daily prayer.

In this article, we’ve gave you some slight tips your can apply to help your kids memorize, including drawing a memorization tree, and create a memorization chart, with a lot of revision, dedication, and patience.

Hafizon academy offers memorization programs for kids, in which they’ll be able to recite, fully memorize juz amma with tajweed rules. Read more about this course here and have a free trial.

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