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How to Recite Quran Beautifully: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

Have you heard some reciation of the Quran, and thought that the reciter has a beautiful voice, and you want to be just like him?

Beautifying your voice while reciting the Quran is one of the good things that, even the prophet Mohammed urged his nation to do when he said:

“He does not belong to us who do not chant the Qur’ān…

Also, the prophet of Allah “David” was given a beautiful sound, which he used to recite Zabur, and all the creatures were glorifying the name of Allah with him.

In this article, you’ll know 10 tips to learn how to recite Quran beautifully, so let’s begin.

How to Recite Quran Beautifully

Tips to Recite Quran Beautifully

Reciting the quran in beautiful sound is recommended as it triggers feelings of reverence and homage to Allah and helps the muslim invoke his presence in his heart. Below are ten practical tips that help you recite Quran Beautifully

1. Listen Much to The Best Recitation for Famous Reciters

That seems logical advice.. Everyone loves to listen to the Quran recitation by a specific reciter…

If you don’t know anyone, you can have a look at this list for the best reciters around the world, like Sheikh Abdulrahman as-Sudais or mishary, choose one of them you enjoy listening to it,

keep your ears focused on the way he recites, notice how he pronounces each letter, how he applies tajweed rules during his recitation, and how he takes pauses and continues.

Of course, listening only won’t help you, you should record yourself when copying the reciation of your best reciter. Then, take a pause and compare to notice places where you should improve.

2. Master Tajweed Rules

Grasping the rules of tajweed is a must to learn to recite the holy Quran beautifully…

Those rules include Arabic letters’ attributes, noon sakina, tanween rules, meem sakina rules, and Madd.

There are many books and online resources available to learn about tajweed. Once you have mastered the rules of tajweed, you will be able to recite the Quran in the melodious voice

(We have a Noorani Quida course for kids and adults that teaches you how to recite the quran with tajweed in a practical way, You can have a free trial right now ).

3. Understand the Meaning of The Verses

Once you understand the meaning of the verses, you can feel it more deeply.. and that brings a sense of piety to your voice.

So, be careful to read the tafsir of some of the Quranic verses, especially those portraying the catalysts of the day of judgment, fire, and paradise,

And Make those verses touch your heart and affect your feelings by invoking its images in your mind while reciation.

4. Recite Each Letter from Its Articulation Point

Improve your pronunciation of Arabic letters by learning how to speak each letter from its articulation point (Makhraj مخرج in Arabic). And distinguish between heavy letters such as ط ، ظ ، ض and soft letters such as ب ، ت ، م.

There are five arituclation points for the Arabic letters

  • The mouth: أ، و ، ى (They are named Madd letters)
  • Throat: ء ، ه In the bottom of the throat, ع. ح at the middle of the throat, غ, خ at the top of the throat
  • Tongue: ق , ك at the deepest part of the tongue when it meets the upper plate, ج,ش,ى at the middle of the tongue when it meets the upper plate ص, ض ، لat the edge of the tongue, ن، ر، ط ، د، ت، س، ، ص، ذ، ث، ذ، ظ at the tip of the tongue
  • Lips: ب، م، ف
  • nose: Ghunna, a nasal sound Accompanying noon or meem sakin.

For training yourself, try to pronounce the letters of each articulation point separately, and pronounce each letter out loud and long.

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5. Get Help from A Quran Tutor

A professional Quran tutor will help you to learn to recite Quran beautifully

By following their guidance and using the right techniques, you will be able to recite the Quran correctly and with proper intonation. This will allow you to understand and enjoy the beauty of the Quran.

How to Recite Quran Beautifully

There are many places you can choose t

6. Learn the Maqamat

The science of maqamat aims to improvement of sound by refining and clearing it of any dissonance. And this sound may come from a human throat or a musical instrument, and it can be applied in singing and reciting the quran…

There are 8 types of Arabic maqamat:

  • Al Bayat: An easy maqam, quiet as the sea, and invokes a sense of reverence and piety in the heart of the listener and causes him to reflect on the verses of Allah and their meanings.
  • Al Rast: A Persian maqam whose name means straightness, and there are a lot of Arabic reciters tend to use it in their beautiful recitation for the holy book, such as al Huzaifi and al Sudais, especially when reciting verses that include stories. Most reciters begin Rast right away after Al Bayat
  • Nahawand: Characterized by sentiment, tenderness, and powerful impact on the listener. It starts from the beginning of the musical scale and reaches the top, pitch, and then descends gradually to the bottom. Al- Afasy and Al-Shatri are among the famous Qari who use this maqam.
  • sika: It is distinct by flow, which makes it easily penetrates through the depth of the heart and urges the listener to ponder the Qur’anic verses. And among the Quan qari renowned by this maqam are Al-Minshawi and Khaled al Qahtani
  • Saba: characterized by powerful sentiment and tenderness, which make it perfect for reciting the verses portraying the events of Al Akhirah. the people who are most proficient in it are Sheikh Muhammad Refaat, Al-Minshawi
  • Hijaz: This maqam is attributed to the countries of Hijaz, and is considered one of the most spiritual maqamat in the Qur’an. It is desirable to apply it to the verses that invoke a sense of sadness
  • Ajam: This maqam is infused with clamor and masculinity, which makes it used in the militant processions because it implies a sense of freedom and victory.
  • Kard: This maqam is one of the most maqams used for Islamic anthems.

Watch this video to know the differences between those maqamat in Quran reciation…

7. Make Breath Exercises

Those exercises help you to stretch your breath and reduce the periods of breath shortness.

There are a bunch of videos you can see on YouTube that show you how to stretch your breath and be in a relaxing mood, so you can recite with the flow without interruptions or noisy rattles.

one of those exercises you can try yourself is to take in the greatest amount of air possible through the nose, then hold your breath until you feel you can’t do it anymore, then take it out gradually and slowly through your mouth.

8. Eat Voice-Enhancing Drinks

There are some specific drinks you can have for beautifying your voice

  • Ginger with anise: this drink is so potent in improving your voice for it includes two herbs that have an effective impact on the throat, dissolving sputum, and eliminating toxicants.
  • Cinnamon and mint: It has a great effect on improving your voice and moisturizing it so your voice comes out clear
  • jujube and dates: Mixed with dried figs and olives, this drink is powerful in enhancing your voice. Just bring 50 gm of all of those ingredients, put this mix in a bowl on the fire until it boils, and pour it into your glass.

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9. practice, Practice, Practice

It is often said that practice makes perfect, and this is especially true when it comes to learning a new skill or improving an existing one. The more you practice, the better you will become at whatever it is you are trying to do.

So, it’s so important for your to dedicate a specific time every day to recite the Quran, record yourself and correct your mistakes. Over time, and with applying the advice mentioned above you’ll notice a gradual improvement in your Quran reciation.

How to Recite Quran Beautifully

10. Enroll in The Recitation Course

Recitation courses are a great way to improve your speaking and pronunciation skills. By enrolling in a recitation course, you will be able to learn from a native speaker and get feedback on your performance.

At Hafizon academy, we offer Quran reciation courses for both children and adults that help them recite the Qur’an beautifully according to tajweed rules, with the guidance of professional quran tutors (both male and female).


Learning how to recite the Quran beautifully is a desire for many Muslims, especially those seeking to preside over people in the prayers, and there is no wrong in learning so.

In this article, you’ve known many ways the help you learn melodious recitation, including improving your pronunciation for the Arabic letters, recording yourself while reciting the Quran, and having some drinks such as Ginger with anise.

If you find the article helpful for you, share it with your connections on social media so they can benefit too.

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