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How to Read the Quran Quickly: 8 Tips to Help You Read Faster

Due to their busy, daily routine, many people want to read Quran quickly, not because they’re lazy or they don’t want to, but sometimes just because they’re so busy, like mums, and they want to keep their daily reciation without affecting some other affairs.

And that doesn’t contradict our responsibilities as Muslims toward society. Even allah almighty said in the holy Quran:

“He knows that you ˹believers˺ are unable to endure this, and has turned to you in mercy.1 So recite ˹in prayer˺ whatever you can from the Quran. He knows that some of you will be sick, some will be traveling throughout the land seeking Allah’s bounty, and some fighting for the cause of Allah. So recite whatever you can from it ( surah Muzzumil, 20)

This guide helps you how to read the Quran Quickly with eight guaranteed tips, so let’s begin.

How to Read the Quran Quickly 1

What Are the Benefits of Reading the Quran?

There are many benefits to reading the Quran

Gaining a Better Understanding of Islam

Quran is a book of Allah and a source of guidance for each muslim. So, reading this book gets you deeper to know Islam and its teachings from the lord of all creatures because that’s the only book that wasn’t exposed to distortion and Allah secured it throughout all centuries.

Developing a Closer Relationship with Allah

Quran shows us the right path, it makes our goals on the earth consistent with the purpose allah created us for, so we harness all the resources we’ve in the service of allah.

Also, is the best guide for Muslims to follow, as it contains the teachings of Allah. When Muslims read the Quran, they are reminded of Allah’s greatness and mercy. This helps them to stay close to Allah and follow His guidance. However, if Muslims abandon the Quran, they will become hardened and cruel, as they will no longer have Allah’s guidance in their lives.

Getting Great Rewards from Allah

Reading Qur’an is a great virtue. It is a light that illuminates our paths with faith and raises our ranks in paradise. And the reader of the Qur’an has a great reward from the Most Merciful, as many hadiths of the prophet Muhammad shows:

““If anyone recites a letter of God’s Book he will be credited with a good deed, and a good deed gets a tenfold reward (Al-Qur’ān, 6:160). I do not say that A.L.M is one letter*, but alif is a letter, lām is a letter and mīm is a letter.”

Is Reading the Quran Fast Haram?

It is not permissible to read Quran so fast that your listeners couldn’t distinguish between the words. But you can speed up your reciation as long as you don’t miss any of the rules of tajweed, as in the recitation with the Hudur, and the Hudur: is the recitation quickly, withoutaffecting Madd or Ghunna or any of the harakat (movement), And the purpose of Hadur is to increase rewards

Qatādā said that when Anas was asked how the Prophet recited the Qur’ān he replied that he did so prolonging the words. Then he recited “In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful,” prolonging each phrase.

How to Read the Quran Quickly 1

What Are the Steps to Help You Read the Quran Quickly?

There are a number of steps that you can take in order to help you read the Quran quickly.

1. Choose the Right Time for Quran Recitation

There is no single answer to this question. It depends on each person’s circumstances and preferences. Some people prefer to recite the quran in the morning, while others find it more effective to do so in the evening. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide when is the best time for them to recite the quran.

2. Try to Focus and Avoid Distractions

When reading the quran, it is important to focus and avoid distractions as much as possible. This will help you to better understand and absorb the holy text, and hasten your reading.

when you focus, the likelihood to be interrupted by other things reduces and you can easily grab your attention in pondering the verses and let it touch your heart. . If you find yourself getting distracted, take a deep breath and refocus your attention on the words of the Quran.

3. Learn Tajweed Rules

In order to learn how to read the Quran correctly, it is important to first learn the rules of tajweed.

Tajweed is the science of reading the Quran with proper pronunciation and intonation, in accordance with the rules of Arabic grammar. There are many different books and resources available to help learn these rules.

Once you have a good understanding of tajweed, you will be able to read the Quran correctly and with proper understanding.

4. Stick to One Part Each Day

Commitment makes quran reading easier… and the best amount of the quran to read is one part each day because the month consists mostly of 30 days, so when your read one part daily, you can quickly complete the mushaf in a month, and start it again the following month.

You can also read one or two Hijb after each prayer, and that way you keep up your recitation on a daily basis.

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5. Listen Constantly to The Best Quran Reciters

You can listen to the reciters renowned for their fast reciation of the Quran, and try to imitate them.

Among the best reciters in the field are Abdulrahman al sudais, Saud al Shuraim, Maher al Muaiqly, and Abdullah al Juhani.

For example, Listen to surah Rhaman with the recitation of Maher al Muaiqly

6. Make a Monthly Schedule for Quran Reciation

It is important to dedicate time every day for Quran recitation.

However, if you are unable to do this, then making a monthly schedule for Quran recitation is also beneficial.

You can set aside certain days of the month for Quran recitation, and make sure to stick to your schedule. This will help you stay on track with your Quran reading goals, and ensure that you are making progress.

7. Pay Attention to Each Word’s Formation

When reading hastily, you may find yourself making some mistakes and words flows into each other, and that’s very wrong.

So, whenever you find yourself doing that, take a pause, then refocus, and try to pronounce every word clearly, without changing its formation or the sentence’s structure.

8. Avoid Mistakes that Might Occur Due to Haste

there are a few things to keep in mind when reading the quran for not making mistakes due to haste.

First, it is important to take your time and read each word carefully.

Second, be sure to pause after each surah (chapter) to reflect on its meaning.

Third, if you find yourself getting lost in the verses, stop and reread the previous verse or two until you regain your bearings.

Finally, don’t be afraid to ask for help from a knowledgeable friend or teacher if you need it. By taking these precautions, you can avoid making errors in your understanding of the Quran.

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How to Read the Quran Quickly 1

Questions About Reading the Quran

Read the most question people usually ask about learning to read Quran/

Can I Read the Quran without Focus?

The Quran is a holy book for Muslims and it is very important to read it with understanding and focus in order to gain the full benefit from its teachings. However, if you are simply looking to improve your fluency in reading Arabic, it is possible to do so without worrying too much about the meaning of the words. Just be sure to take your time and read slowly so that you can pronounce the words correctly.

Can I Recite the Quran without Using My Tongue?

Reciting the Qur’an with the eyes only without moving the tongue is not considered reading, rather, it is the contemplation of the Qur’an and the muslim will be rewarded for it.

Shaykh al-Islam, Ibn Taymiyyah, may God have mercy on him, said there are three types of Zekr, (remembrance of Allah)

1)By the heart and the tongue, and it is what is commanded.

2) By the heart only, and if it is due to a deficit of the tongue, then it is fine

3) By tongue only, when the tongue is moist with the remembrance of God.

Can I Read the Quran without Knowing Its Meaning?

It is permissible to read the Qur’an without understanding its meaning, as there are many people who read the Holy Qur’an and do not understand its meaning, but they try, and it is a kind of worship, as reciting the letter of the Quran brings ten good deeds.

How Much Time Should I Take to Complete the Entire Quran?

In Islam, there is no specific date for the sealing of the book of god almighty, the glorious Qur’an, but it was reported on the authority of Abu Dawood (the prophet, may god’s prayers and peace be upon him when asked how much does he recite the Qur’an?

He said: in forty days, then he said in a month), this is evidence that the seal of the noble Qur’an does not exceed a month or forty days, and if a muslim reads the entire Qur’an for a period not exceeding forty days, he will be fulfilling his right.


Due to the business of life, many people want to read the Quran quickly, however, they shouldn’t confuse fast reciation with mistakes, and unclarity. Clarity of the voice, and pronouncing each word separately are still the big priority, which can’t be compromised.

In this article, you’ve learned some ways to recite the Quran fast, including dedicating a specific time, and avoiding distractions and interruptions from others, besides listening to the reciters who read with Hudur and copy their fast reciation.

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