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How to Become a Quran Teacher: The [Ultimate] Guide

Many Muslims are skimming through the internet looking for a quran teacher online who can guide them or their kid to recite Quran

Learning Quran is a vast field and any muslim has the opportunity to be a Quran teacher as long as he meets some qualifications.

So, in this article, You’ll know How to Become a Quran Teacher, moreover, you’ll know the qualifications and traits required for being a good one, but, let’s start with the benefits of teaching the Quran online.

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What Are the Benefits of Being an Online Quran Teacher?

prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said in a hadith, reported by Uthmān

“The best among you is he who learns and teaches the Qur’ān.”

Besides being among the good deed in Islam that gains you many rewards, There are several benefits of being an online Quan tutor.

  • Work from anywhere in the world

As long as you have a stable internet connection, you can start your mission to be a well-known online Quran teacher. This means that you can teach Muslims from all over the world and help them to improve their Quan recitation and knowledge about the Islamic religion.

  • Flexible hours, and extra money

One of the biggest benefits of teaching the Quran online is you can set your own hours and work around your own schedule, have additional income, which makes it a great option for people who are willing to earn extra money or for those who want to work from home

Finally, being an online Quan tutor gives you the opportunity to help people learn a new skill and improve their lives.

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The Steps to Being a Good Quran Teacher

Well, After learning the benefits of teaching the Quran online, you might wonder what steps I should take in order to kick off my journey in this field, below we will break them down for you in detail

1. Memorize Quran with Tajweed Rules

No doubt that memorizing the holy Quran well with tajweed is a necessary step, as some people begin teaching Quran, relying on their native skills, however, that’s not enough. To earn credibility and be trusted by the students, you should have a license in memorizing the Quran with full knowledge of the rules of tajweed and how to apply them particularly.

2. Improve your English Language

You’ll meet with people from over the world, and let’s face it, they might not understand a word from the Arabic language skills, Yet they know how to communicate in English. It’s just a universal language, so before starting teaching, ensure, your English is good. It mustn’t be perfect, but it should be too good to convey information, and understand what they say.

3. Communicate with Teaching Quan Websites

As you apply for a job, ensure your files are ready, and your C.V reflects your real accomplishment. If you can record this achievement in a video and send it to them, that’s fine. If not, you can just write a brief email that highlights your recent expertise and skills.

There are websites, that even allow the opportunity to work with them, and there are those who don’t show application forms, however, try to apply for both.

4. Educate Yourself About Communication Apps

Like skype or zoom, those apps are used worldwide for online communication, and you’ve to learn how to use them and ensure the quality of your sound before starting (You can even make rehearsals until you feel familiar with your voice.

Along with communication apps, it’s better to have a good presence on social media, like Face book since they support your reputation as a good Quran teacher

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How to Become a Quran Teacher 4

What Are the Qualifications of A Good Quran Tutor?

Every profession has some requirements, and teaching Quran is no exception. Here, we’ve collected some of the skills and qualifications that make you stand out from other competitors.

1)native Speaker

No doubt that being a native speaker or born in an Arabic-speaking nation is a great privilege. We know that some people from other countries whose tongue isn’t Arabic learn how to master this language, Yet, still being native is something people seek and feel more trust in the Arabic-native Quran tutor.

Most reasons are related to the pronunciation of Arabic letters, which includes some difficult letters such as ض، ظ ، or similar letters that share the same articulation points such as ق ، ك (pronounced by the friction of the deepest of the tongue with an upper plate of mouth)

2)Graduated from An Islamic University 

There are many prestigious Islamic universities such as Al Azhar university or umm al Qara.

There are also Quran tutors who are graduates with degrees such as BA from Islamic studies departments. Surely, Islamic education is a great plus for any tutor…

3)Holding Ijaza

The ideal Quran tutor isn’t this one who memorized a part of the Quran or some specific surah, but this who holds ijaza (certificate)

Ijaza is a license for memorizing Quran and you should receive it from Shiekh, or sheikha is licensed for memorizing the Quran. Holding ijazah means this person is hafiz for the Qur’an f with tajweed rules and can recite it without musha, and now he’s so qualified to teach others

There are many types of Ijaza but the most common is Qir’aa of Hafs ibn Assem.

4)Have Experience in Islamic Studies Courses

Good education isn’t a magical key that opens up the door, people also look for expertise.

So, ensure that you’ve good experience and can show it numerically.. For example, you can show how many students you taught, and the courses you delivered, besides the opinions of the former students that attest to their satisfaction with your way of teaching.

5) Have Good Manners and A Sound Personality

The perfect Quran tutors should be righteous and have Islamic manners such as commitment, truth, and honesty, because what’s the point of knowing how to recite the Quran without applying its core in one’s life?

Of course, people won’t love to be educated with someone who’s a liar or scammer or have a bunch of notorious traits like screaming at children, or losing patience easily. So before starting this track, try out to fix your personality as possible

6) Excellent Communication Skills

A good teacher is a perfect communicator who can convey information seamlessly and ensure that students grasped it. And that requires some skills, like the ability to explain and simplify information and presentation, and the capacity of using exercises and quizzes to attract the student’s attention, besides asking and answering questions.

7) Previous Reviews and Testimonials

People often read the reviews and see your rating before deciding to give out money to someone … Remember this golden rule, people trust people more than they trust service providers. But what’s the way to elicit good reviews from your students?

Just ask them. After they have completed your course, give them a form and ask them to write their feedback about your skills, or you can ask them to record their answers if they want to.

The rule is simple. If people are fully satisfied, they won’t hesitate to give you remarkable feedback, and even recommend you to others.

8)can Deal with Kids

A good slice of your audience wants to ensure that you have you can treat their children well when they memorize Quran.

Learning how to deal with kids requires some skills because children feel distracted very easily and they just bore every educational material that doesn’t provoke their curiosity

So. a professional quran teacher knows how to create a fun and interactive environment for kids by deploying short videos or clips, animated cartoons, and exercises in the lessons.

How to Become a Quran Teacher 4

9) Bilingual Quran Teacher

As Quran teachers, it is important for you to fluently communicate in both Arabic and English. This allows you to better understand the Quran and also helps you when communicating with your students.

If we are able to effectively communicate in both languages, it will help create a more positive learning environment for everyone involved. Also, if you can learn another language such as Urdu, it’ll be a great plus for teaching Pakastani people

10) Patience

The Quran teacher must undoubtedly be patient, as the memorization process is an individual process. Not all children are equal when it comes to acquisition capacity or learning pace, so you shout be too patient to customize your curriculum to be suitable for each student’s need and capacity.

Also, patience is one of the basic traits that if found in any teacher, the kids will love and thus, making you take an edge over your competitors

11) the Clarity of The Voice

The tongue of the Quran teacher must be clear, meaning that the letters’ exits are straight and correct.

If the teacher suffers from any deficiencies in pronouncing any letters of the alphabet, like the letter ر for example, he’d negatively affect the learner, especially if he teaches kids who tend to imitate and copy their teacher’s pronunciation literally..

And that makes us return back to the importance of choosing a native speaker because that guarantee, to a high degree, that their voice is clear of any flaw.

How to Become a Quran Teacher 4

Share Your Views and Thoughts with Us

We’ve just mentioned the 10 best qualifications we consider should be involved in every Quran tutor to distinguish himself from other teachers.

Feel free to Share your thoughts. What traits, you see, are as important to be found in the ideal Quran tutor?

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