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Who is the world best man? 15 Traits Made Mohammed [PBUH] the Best Man Ever

Who is the world best man? You may ask, Undoubtedly, Mohammed is the most remarkable man that humanity has ever known.

Born in Mecca in 571 A.D, Prophet Mohammed has sowed the seeds for Islam, a religion that would dominate the world for centuries.

Not only was Mohammed a faithful messenger but also a shrewd, political leader, caring husband, kind father, and friendly character, and no words described him better than the words of Allah in Surah Al Qalam.

"And you are genuinely ˹a man˺ of outstanding character"

Read more to know the 15 traits of prophet Mohammed that made him the most incredible man ever lived on the earth.

1. All Manners Are Embodied in Him.

Mohammed exemplifies all the good manners: Generosity, truth, honesty, braveness, fairness, and more.

And every person who wants to improve his behaviors should look at the sira of Mohammed and see how he treats others well, even the downtrodden. How is he cares for his family and all-forgiving with his enemies!.

Every action of prophet Mohammed was driven by morality, and when Our mother, Aisha, was asked about his character, she simply said:

‘His character was the Qur’an.

who is the world best man

2. He Is Generous

Mohammed was known for his generosity, even before the message

In Sira, many situations can bear testimony to his benevolence

Musa b. Anas reported: It never happened that Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) was asked anything for the sake of Islam, and he did not give that. There came to him a person, and he gave him a large flock (of sheep and goats), and he went back to his people and said: My people, embrace Islam, for Muhammad gives so much charity as if he has no fear of want.

And when he sought after his wife Khadija, when he received the revelation for the first time, she reassured him, saying, “Allah will never shame you. Then she explained why by mentioning five of his traits. One of them is being hospitable to the guests

3. He is Entrusted

Mohammed is renowned for his honesty, even among the paganists who belied his messages.

Before the message, Quraish tribes were bickering, for five days, over who would put the black stone in Kabba, and that dispute wouldn’t settle until a man suggested that the first one who entered Kabba would do so. Then, Prophet Mohammed entered, and they looked at him, saying: came the Honest.

Also, Quraish merchants used to keep their goods at Mohammed’s home when they immigrated, and they ensured well that he’d never steal anything. Even his honesty was why Khadija, the wealthy widow, entrusted him to merchandise her goods and wanted to marry him due to this trait.

who is the world best man

4. He is Brave

Brave means composure in the times of war and disasters, and Sira teems with stories that accentuate Mohammed’s extraordinary fearless in front of Allah’s enemies.

In Badr and Uhud and other conquests, the Holy Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, led those battles himself, and he was on the brink of death. In one of the battles, his honorable face was hurt, but he didn’t budge..

Also, Ali ibn Abu Taleb described his unwavering bravery in the thick of the battle, saying.

When the battle intensifies, we protect ourselves by the prophet; may God bless him and grant him peace. So, no one nearer to the enemy than him.

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who is the world best man

5. A Great Political Leader

Mohammed was an influential political leader who thought strategically in times of war and truce..

And several situations immortalized his political Geniousity, like choosing Yathrib ( Al Madia) to be the epicenter for Islam and building the mosque to be a place for worship and a headquarters where he gathered with his fellows and received the people who wanted to convert to Islam.

Also, He created a brotherhood between the immigrants and the indigenous people in Al Madina and established a great constitution that shows the rights and deeds of every sect…

Not to mention his piercing insight when he agreed upon the Treaty of Hudaybiyyah, though it included seemingly unjust terms for Muslims but led to a truce between Muslims and paganists, and in this period, Mohammed sent messages to the kings of the world in this time, inviting them to Islam.

who is the world best man

6. He Is a Democrat

Prophet Mohammed wasn’t an autocratic leader, and he tended to consult his companions and benefit from their experience in worldly matters.

And that’s manifested In the Badr battle; when the prophet Mohammed landed on a place and Habab ibn Mundhir advised him to land on another, more fortified place, prophet Mohammed acted upon his advice.

Also, In the battle of the trench (الخندق in Arabic), He executed the plan of Salman the Persian’s military tactics. He dug a great trench around the city of Medina to defend the city against the army of 10,000 polytheists because it was safer.

7. Humble and Modest

Mohammed was humble, and he didn’t distinguish himself by some mark.

He sits among the Muslims without vanity, and when he enters a setting, he sits where the last comers sit.

Narrated Abu Dharr and AbuHurayrah:

The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) used to sit among his Companions. A stranger would come and not recognize him (the Prophet) until he asked (about him). So we asked the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) to make a place where he might take his seat so that when a stranger came, he might recognize him.

Also, he was modest with others and greeted the children and elderly alike and patted their heads, visited the miserable, sitted with the poor, and answered the salve’s invitation.

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who is the world best man

8. Caring to His Family

Though prophet Moahmmed was a religious, political leader charged with the responsibility of spreading Islam, he didn’t neglect his family and urged his nation to care about them, saying.

“The best of you is he who is best to his family, and I am the best among you to my family.” (Tirmidhi and Darimi transmitted)

Hisham said, “I asked ‘A’isha, ‘What did the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, do in his house?’ She replied, ‘He did what one of you would do in his house. He mended sandals and patched garments and sewed.”

9. Merciful and Tolerant

Prophet Mohammed reached a high degree of compassion and tolerance for his companions and even his enemies.

And no situation can attest to Mohammed’s tolerance than the day of the greatest conquest of Mecca.

This day, Prophet Mohammed, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, pardoned the people of Mecca, so he said: What do you think I am doing to you? They said: A generous brother and the son of a generous brother. He, peace and blessings of God be upon him, said: Go, for you are at liberty.

And he was merciful to his nation and didn’t ever pray to Allah to destroy them… Also, he was merciful to children, and he was holding his grandson during praying, and when he prostrated, he put her on the earth, then held her back. and when he prays and hears a kid crying, he hastens his prayer

who is the world best man

10. He is Eloquent

Though Mohammed was illiterate, he was versed in the Arabic language, and his hadith includes many the eloquent descriptions like الناس كأسنان المشط, which means People are like the teeth of a comb

and  ‏ , ‏لا يلدغ المؤمن من جحر مرتينwhich means: “A believer should not be stung twice from the same hole.”

And there are a dozen of examples in the prophetical literature that confirms his eloquence and fluency, like حمى الوطيس which means war intensified, كن في الدنيا كأنك غريب أو عابر سبيل”  be in this world like a stranger, or one who is passing through

11. He is Kind

Mohammed was the kindest man ever to cross the earth, especially to women and children, and servants.

He spent time with his grandson, Al Hasan, and Al Hussein kissed them and played with them. Also, his heart doesn’t bear the death of his young son, Ibraheem. And when he passed by, young children greeted them.

Also, he is a kind to women and advises people to treat them well, saying:

“Yes, women are of the same nature as men.”

And he is kind to animals and forbids people to torture them or leave them hungry. And the story of the starving camel was a piece of evidence of his great kindness. Mohammed saw the camel whose eyes were weeping, so told the camel’s owner to fear Allah in him.

who is the world best man

12. He Is Fair

Moahmmed was executing Justice, even on his family, and he said in a hadith.

‘A’isha told that when a thief was brought to God’s Messenger and had his hand cut off, those who brought him said, “We did not think you would go so far as this with him.” He replied, “If Fatima had been the one, I would have had her hand cut off.”

And he was fair with his wives and distributed days and gifts equally between them. and when he travels to a place, he draws a lot as Aishah narrated

” When Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) intended to go on a journey, he cast lots among his wives. Then, he would take the one who was chosen by the lot. [Agreed upon].

13. He is wise

Mohammed was bestowed with wisdom, and he asked his nation to control; anger because anger makes a person unwise and do harmful actions.

And he was solving problems peacefully and wisely as this problem between a man and his neighbor.

Abu Hurairah said: A man came to the prophet (May peace be upon him) complaining against his neighbor. He said: go and have patience. He again came to him twice or thrice. He then said: Go and throw your property in the way. So he threw his property in the way, and the people began to ask him, and he would tell them about him. The people then began to curse him; may Allah do with him so and so! Then his neighbor came to him and said: Return, you will not see anything you dislike from me.

who is the world best man

14. He is Patient

May God’s prayers and peace be upon him; the Prophet endured many paganism’s irony and psychological and physical pains since the first day he was to be a messenger. He accepted all this harm with patience and confidence in Allah’s promise.

Prophet Mohammed was patient when he was mocked by the paganist and when the hypocrite in Al Madina tried to harm him, and he was patient when he witnessed the death of his close people, like his wife and uncle.

“Allah’s Messenger said (Allah bless him and give him peace): “I have been put in fear for Allah’s sake, while no one was afraid, and I have been troubled for Allah’s sake, while no one was troubled. Thirty intervals between a night and a day came upon me, and for Bilal and me, there was no food for the owner of a liver to eat, except something tucked beneath the Bilal’s armpit.”

15. He has a sense o humor

Prophet Mohammed was joyful and straightforward in his words, and some stories implied he had a sense of humor, like this story with the old woman.

She approached him, saying: Pray to God that he enter me into Paradise. He said to her: ((O mother of so-and-so, no old woman will enter Paradise)). So the woman cried, as she took the words for their apparent meaning, so he explained to her that when she enters Paradise, she will not enter it as an old woman, but rather a beautiful young woman.

who is the world best man


Prophet Mohammed is the best man ever born for all his perfect character.

He has been bestowed with all the traits that made him a fascinating leader and great husband and father.. He was kind to children, patient in the hard times, merciful with his enemies, fair with his people, wise, brave, and eloquent.

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