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10 Traditional Ramadan Suhoor Recipes from Around the World

Fasting is one of the five pillars of Islam.

During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims do fasting ( swam), which means abstinence from eating and drinking from sunrise to sunset.

For healthy fasting, muslims should eat suhur; a meal consumed before dawn to recharge one’s energy and keep their body strong for another fasting the next day.

Ramadani table is always teeming with different delicious dishes. This article will inspire you with 10 healthy recipes you can prepare for your suhur.

What’s the Meaning of Suhur?

Suhur is the pre-dawn meal eaten before fasting in Ramadan. It is considered a Sunnah, or recommended practice, for Muslims to eat suhur to have strength and energy for the day ahead during Ramadan.

And there are hadiths narrated about the prophet Mohammed urging his nation to eat suhoor meal,

Anas reported God’s messenger saying, “Take a meal a little before dawn, for there is a blessing in taking a meal at that time.”

‘Also, Amr b. al-‘As reported that God’s messenger said: “The difference between our fasting and that of the People of the Book is eating shortly before dawn.”

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What Are the Benefits of Suhoor?

Besides being a sunnah of the prophet Mohammed, suhoor has many benefits for health.

1. It Prevents Dehydration

Dehydration can lead to various health problems, including headaches and indigestion. During Ramadan, you might lose much water, especially in the summer. So Suhoor helps avoid dehydration because you’re consuming fluids before going without them for a long time.

2. It Gives You Energy

Your body has been fasting throughout the night, so suhoor is important for you to have enough energy for the day ahead. Eating suhoor also helps keep your blood sugar levels stable, which prevents hunger pangs.

3. It Helps With Weight Loss

If you’re trying to lose weight, suhoor is your friend as it helps reduce cravings and temptation for food throughout the day while fasting. It also means you’ll be less likely to overeat at iftar (the meal eaten at sunset).

What Are Some Traditional Suhoor Meals from Around the World?

There are a variety of conventional suhoor meals from around the world. Below, we collected some of the traditional foods for suhoor that keep your body energetic and reduce sluggishness

1. Beans with Yogurt

This is a typical plate in Egypt. Whether poor or rich, all people since ancient Egypt till now celebrate this plate as the most traditional food for suhur since it’s a great source of proteins and crabs and available at a very affordable price. Not to mention its flavorous taste.

Along with beans, Egyptian love to eat yogurt, often served in glasses, for its great effect on combating thirst during the day…

Beans are also known in Arabian countries. In Jordon, they often pair it with falafel, deep-fried balls, patties made from chickpeas, or fava beans. Though falafel is so tasty, we don’t recommend it for you on suhoor because it might cause dehydration.


2. Porridge with sour milk

What about savoring one of the main foods favored by the people of Djibouti?

Porridge with sour milk and soup is one of the folk food renowned in Djibouti. It’s rich in nutritional elements and fibers that help you feel full and fuel your body with energy and vitality.,making it an ideal plate for suhoor.

Also, Muslim people in Djibouti love to mix milk into their meals. For example, they blend corn nuts or barely with milk, resulting in one of the e favorite soups catered at the suhur table.

3. Milky Seviyan

You might relish this plate if you want to taste something of Pakistani cuisine. Milky Seviyan ( شعرية in Arabic) is known for its brittle texture, and it’s one of the first desserts that ex-pat Pakistanis learn to make

This recipe has many variations, but its core ingredients consist of 1 packet of seviyan with 2 liters of milk, sugar, four tablespoons of canola oil, and some cardamom pods.

This meal is a favorite meal in Suhoor for its magical effect in restoring physical energy to the body after long fasting.


4.Nasi Liwet

If you want to glimpse Indonesia’s culture, you might try this plate.

Nasi Liwet, an Indonesian rice dish, is considered an easy-to-make food for suhoor.

It’s Made by dipping rice into coconut milk and served with chicken broth, salam leaves, and lemongrass also backed in coconut milk and layered by a spoonful of a thick aromatic coconut cream called kumut.


5.Kosksi with Vegetables

kosksi is one of the most important and famous Moroccan dishes, whose fame has reverberated worldwide, especially in North Africa, Italy, and France. It is one of the second favorite plates according to global ranking in France.

The kosksi is originally made from semolina granules layered with wheat or corn flour, and it can be served as a sweet dish by adding some nuts or dried fruits with honey on its top, or as a salty dish, with chicken, meat, or vegetables added to it (as shown below)

source: https://themoroccanfood.com/recipe/moroccan-couscous-with-meat-and-vegetables/

6. Mashroom with Egg

You can rustle up this meal in only 10 minutes with ingredients available everywhere in the world.

All you need is Four medium-sized eggs, one Medium-sized onion, a handful of mushrooms, a little spoon of cooking oil, and a Pinch of salt and pepper to make it tasty.

Heat the oil on a pan for a while, then add garlic and stir until it smells aromatic. Add onions and stir them up until they’re translucent.

Add mushrooms and stir them until it softens, then add sprinkles of salt and pepper, and cook until the mushrooms have their golden color.

Crack an egg and stir it well as you make an omelet, then heat in another frying pan. Place the mushrooms on top of the eggs after they are prepared and Serve it with toasted bread and vegetable salad.

source: https://www.simplyrecipes.com/recipes/mushroom_toast_with_fried_egg/

7.Suadi Greesh

In Suhoor, Saudi people depend on fatty meals and eat soup and samosa for breakfast. Still, at Suhoor, they love to eat special dishes like Greesh, a wheat porridge with tasty pieces of meat or chopped chicken.

To prepare such a recipe, follow those steps.

  • spread the butter and onions in a pot, and stir them over the fire until the onions have the brown color
  • Add chicken or meats and stir for 5 minutes.
  • Add water and leave the pot on the fire for about an hour and a half.
  • Add Yogurt, lemon juice, and hot pepper.
  • Finally, sprinke salt, black pepper, and cumin stir the ingredients, and leave them on a low fire for a quarter of an hour.
  • Put the blend on a plate and serve it for sahur


8. Potatoes with Garlic

If you want a healthy and tasty meal to diversify your table with, try this delicious appetizer dish.

All you want is: five pieces of Potatoes peeled and cut into small cubes, one teaspoon of Coriander Leaf (Dried), two cloves of crushed Garlic, two teaspoons of Green coriander: 1/2 spoon of salt, and three teaspoon of vegetable oil

How to prepare:

1. Heat the oil on the stove and fry the potato cubes until they’re golden.

2. Add dry coriander and salt to the potatoes and stir.

3. Add the crushed garlic and green coriander, and stir until they’re blended.

4. Serve it hot with toasted bread and yogurt

source: https://whatsinthepan.com/creamy-garlic-potatoes/

9.Omelet with Vegetables

Egg is one of the richest food. It contains a high percentage of calcium necessary for building bones and the body, and by mixing it with vegetables, the body’s absorption of beneficial nutrients, especially antioxidants such as carotenoids found in tomatoes and carrots, is increased tenfold,

To make this egg with vegetables for suhur, follow those simple steps

  1. Put the eggs and milk in a bowl and mix well.
  2. Add salt, black pepper, and cumin.
  3. Mix the ingredients, add the colored pepper, turkey pepper, onion, and tomato, and stir.
  4. Heat a pan on the stove and put a piece of butter and a little oil in it.
  5. Add the blend to the pan and leave on medium heat until it becomes a disc, then serve it on the table.
source: https://eatsmarter.com/recipes/vegetable-omelet-with-penne

10. Sütlaç ( Rice with Milk)

It is one of the most famous sweets served at suhoor in Turkey and is usually made of rice, milk, sugar, eggs, and vanilla cooked together, then put into the oven to get a reddish color.

If you love to try this dish, you need sugar, two cups of cornstarch, a cup of rice cup ( well washed), eight cups of milk, two egg yolks, and four teaspoons of

then follow this simple formula:

1- Boil ample water in a saucepan over medium heat, then add the rice and cook it until the water evaporates.

2- Add the sugar and 6 cups of milk to the rice mixture and Stir them a little, then reduce the heat.

3- Boil the mixture on medium/ low heat for 10 minutes.

4- Meanwhile, put the cornstarch in a bowl. Gradually add two cups of milk and stir until combined. Then Add the vanilla

5- Gradually add the cornstarch mixture to the blend and constantly stir until the ingredients are condensed.

6- Turn off the heat and pour the mixture into oven-safe glasses 

7- Mix the egg yolks and a quarter of milk in a bowl, and put them as a top layer on the dish

Source: https://www.turkeysforlife.com/2021/02/sutlac-recipe.html

What Are Some Suhoor Tips?

  • Keep it simple but Include all the important nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals in your meal.
  • Drink enough water before the suhoor time to avoid feeling hydrated during the day.
  • Reduce your intake of salty foods (pickles, olives, nuts, and preserved foods), and try to avoid desserts that contain excessive amounts of sugar, such as s kunafa, baklava, fatty or fried foods, and spices, because they trigger feelings of thirst and leave you dehydrated.
  • Eat light sweets during Suhoor (for example, pudding or rice with milk), which help you feel full for longer by providing energy and compensating for sugar that decreases in the body during the day.

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Suhur (sehri) is an important meal because it provides the body with the nutrients necessary to keep it healthy and energetic.

In this article, we collected a menu of 10 ideas for easy suhur meals from around the globe… You can enjoy eating them with your family and friends.

Don’t forget to add fruits, milk, and vegetables rich with fibers because they allow you to maintain satiety and prevent constipation.

If you find this article helpful, share it with your connections on social media so they can benefit too.

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