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Mashallah Meaning, Usage, Translations, Examples

When seeing someone beautiful, magnificent, opulent, we say, in exclamation mashallah.

for example, a young kid, a generous act, a great wealth of money, or a wonderful house.

Saying this phrase is an emphasis that every blessing we’re bestowed by stems from Allah, and can’t be true except by Allah’s will who ordered it to be.

In this article, you’ll know the deep meaning of Mashallah, why people say it and how to reply it with many examples from Quran and hadith, and daily life that implies its meaning.

Mashallah Meaning 2

Mashallah Meaning and Definition

Masha Allah is a way of expressing appreciation, joy, praise, respect, or thankfulness for some person, while at the same time, it’s used as a reminder that all accomplishments submit to the will of God.

Also, Some say this phrase upon hearing good news or seeing something beautiful, and some people may use this phrase to protect themselves from jealousy and envy.

In Quran, the word Mashallah is used by the good believer, to urge his wealthy neighbor to thank god and return all the blessings he’s bestowed by to Allah alone.

"It was better for you to say, when you entered your garden: 'That which Allah wills (will come to pass)! There is no power but with Allah '. If you see me less than you in wealth and children. (Surah kahf, 39),

How to Say Mash Allah in Arabic

This video will show you this word’s pronunciation in Arabic.

Is It Mashallah or Masha Allah?

Both have the same meaning, so, both are correct.

The slight difference in their pronunciation and spelling comes down to the different dialects.

Mashallah is said by people from the Arabian Gulf and by some people from the Levant, southern Egypt, and Sudan. The second, Masha Allah is used by the rest of the Arab countries, and it is actually the original word, pronounced in fus-ha (pure Arabic pronunciation, no dialects)

However, when it comes to writing, Masha Allah, in two separate words, is more correct because it was written like that in Quran

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English Translation for Mashallah

In English terms, Mashallah, for expressing praise or resignation, translates to “Whatever God wills”.

Hudhaifah bin Yaman (May Allah be pleased with him) said:

The Prophet (ﷺ) said, “Say not: ‘What Allah wills and so-and-so wills’, but say: ‘What Allah wills, and then what so-and-so wills.”‘

[Abu Dawud with authentic Isnad].

Mashallah- the Term Origin

The phrase means that every matter happens by the will of God Almighty

And it has origins in the Quran, the book of Allah and Sunna.

In Quran, the word Mashallah is mentioned five times in Quran

  • Thereupon Allah will say: ‘The Fire is now your abode, and therein you shall abide.’ Only those whom Allah wills shall escape the Fire. Surely your Lord is All-Wise, All-Knowing (Al-An’am, ayat 128)
  • If only you had said, upon entering your property, ‘This is what Allah has willed! There is no power except with Allah!’ Even though you see me inferior to you in wealth and offspring (Al Kahf, ayat 39)

Prophet Mohammed said in a haith

  • “Increase your planting Paradise.” companions said: “And what is the plant of paradise?”Prophet Mohammed said: The best of prayers and peace be upon him.”

How to Use the Word Mashallah in A Sentence?

There are many examples that’ll show you how to use this word in a context

  • Your kid is beautiful. Mash allah!
  • You have got good grades in your exams. Mash allah!
  • Mash allah! dinner is full of delicious foods.
  • Mash allah!, you have a wonderful house
Mashallah Meaning 1

When We Use Mashallah

There are many reasons why Muslims say this word

Protection from Jealousy and Evil Eyes

When someone sees something he likes or admires, he shall say mashallah, out of fear his heart might feel envy, and for the blessing’s owner doesn’t feel vanity. Also when someone fears that people could envy his blessing, he could say the same thing to fortify himself.

Sheikh Ibn Uthaymeen, may God have mercy on him, said: Whoever wants to stay away from the evil eye, should say: mashallah, so blessings aren’t caught by the evil, envious eyes.

Likewise, if a person has an abundance of money or any other blessing he loves, he should say: mashallah there is no power but with God to drift any vanity or self-admiration out of his soul.

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An Expression of Gratitude for Everything

It’s a continuous echo that every blessing is from Allah

And thus, we, as Muslims shall thank and feel grateful for him…

Because the blessing that one is covered by is all gifted by no one but Allah

 so how did these gardens and orchards come to fruition? It is the land that God created for you, and when you plowed it, you plowed it with a tool of wood or iron, and it is a gift from God that you have no control over, And the strength that helped you to work is gifted to you but can be taken away from you at any time, so you become weak and unable to do anything.

So, saying mashallah is an emphasis that everything is dominated by Allah…

Mashallah Meaning

In Case of Seeing a Kind Act or Great Accomplishment

When achieving an accomplishment or seeing someone achieve it.. saying Mashallah averts this feeling of arrogance and vanity which could occur

Ture Muslims should celebrate their achievement in humility, neither in excess joy nor happiness that drift away from everything in its road, including Allah’s regard…

And remember the story of the man who had two paradises turned to debris for he doesn’t see mashallah when entering his paradise.

How to Reply to Mashallah?

There is no fixed answer to someone, saying to you this phrase. However, if you heard this sentence from someone who complimented you, you can reply gently with those answers.

  • Thank you
  • Gazakallah Khairan
  • May Allah fill your heart with happiness
  • May Allah bless your days
  • Teslem ( تسلم in Arabic)

Synonyms for Mashallah in English Dictionary

Those synonyms from the English dictionary and all indicate the same meaning for this word.

  •  ‘(this is) what God wills’.
  • God has willed”
  • as God willing
  • As god wishes

How to Say Mashallah in Different Languages?

First, The phrase has also found its way into the colloquial language of many non-Arab languages with predominantly Muslim speakers, including Indonesians, Malaysians, Persians, Turks, Kurds, Bosniaks, Azerbaijanis, Somalis, Chechens, Avars, Circassians, Bangladeshis, Tatars, Albanians, Afghans, Pakistanis, and others.

In Urdu, this phrase is translated to اللہ کی قدرت.

In Filipino you can just simply say “ nawa’y pagpalain ka pa ng Allah”.

in Tagalog.“Mashallah” has no direct equivalent The closest translations are:

  • “Diyos na ang bahala” which means “It is up to God”.
  • “May awa ang Diyos” which loosely means “God is merciful”
  • “Sa awa ng Diyos” which means “By God’s mercy”

Other Religions Use Mashallah

There is nothing wrong if people from other religions say this phrase.

In fact, you can find some Christians and other sects in areas, that had been ruled by the Ottoman Empire: say “машала” (“mašala”), often in the sense of “a job well done. also, some Georgians, Armenians, Pontic Greeks (descendants of those that came from the Pontus region), Cypriot Greeks, and Sephardi Jew use this phrase in a similar sense.


Mashallah is a word that indicates total submission and humility to Allah, the supreme power in the universe and the creator of everything, plus, it’s used to prevent the Muslims from others’ envy and evil eyes.

In this article, you’ve known much information about this word’s definition and origins in the Quran and hadith, when we used it, and how to respond to it, besides its orinigal translations in different languages, like Urdu.

If you find this article helpful to you, share it with your connections on social media so they can benefit too.

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