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How Do We Know that Allah Knows the Best for Us?

 Allah, SWT, knows what is best for us, and we should trust His plan for our lives. He has a reason for everything He does, and we may not always understand His ways.

However, we can be sure He knows what is best for us. Sometimes we have to go through difficult times to grow and learn, and Allah is always there to help us through these tough times.

We should never lose hope or give up because Allah knows what is best for us, and He will always be there.

allah knows the best for us

Allah Knows the Best for Us

Sometimes you face hardships or misfortunes in life and wonder, why did that happen to me? Did Allah not love me?

However, how do you know whether what happened is good or bad for you?

For example, you might think you’re a big loser when missing an airplane due to an unpredictable reason. But, how do you know this journey brings good for you? Is there the possibility that you might fall off and not survive?

True believers know that Allah knows what’s best for them… Even if they don’t see the wisdom behind every event in their life, they firmly believe that whatever Allah does is in their favor, even if it does not seem like that or goes outside their desire or wishes. As Allah says in Quran in surah Nour, verse11

o not think it is bad for you; rather, it is good for you. For every person among them is what [punishment] he has earned from the sin, and he who took upon himself the greater portion thereof – for him is a great punishment.

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Allah’s Ultimate Wisdom

There is no doubt that Allah is the Wisest and All-Knowing. Allah knows what is best for us, and His wisdom is far beyond our understanding. His plans are perfect, and He always knows what is best for us. Even when we can’t see it, we can trust that Allah’s ultimate wisdom will prevail.

Sometimes, you make a lot of prayers to Allah to achieve a thing you dreamt of, but it doesn’t occur. You may doubt Allah’s capacity and think he doesn’t want good for you. But this is a satan whisper, and true Muslims know that humans are shortsighted and can’t predict the future…

And often, Allah delays things because he wants to teach us patience. That’s why all prophets have passed through hard circumstances that led to happy ends. And you can look at the story of the prophet Mohammed, for example, and think that he had to wait 20 years before the conquest of mecca,, and during this time, his companions were asking him insistently about the time of Fatah until Allah said in Quran.

“˹He will also give you˺ another favor that you long for: help from Allah and an imminent victory. ˹So˺ give good news ˹O Prophet˺ to the believers. (Al Saff, 13)

Indeed, we must be patient and trust Allah even when we don’t know the right time.

Human’s Shortsightedness

Allah created the human and described his nature in Quran, saying he is hasty.

“Indeed, humankind was created impatient: distressed when touched with evil, and withholding when touched with good— (Al-Ma’arij. 19, 22).

So, it’s normal to feel sad and distressed when you are hit by something you dislike, like losing your job, money, or a family member or when you feel sick but don’t think those adversities are harmful to you. Maybe they are a test from Allah to purify your soul.

And your dreams might not come true overnight, but maybe Allah delays it for the appropriate time.. when you’re fully qualified to bear its responsibility, not only touches its glamour.

So, humans are shortsighted. And for that reason, Muslims believe in Allah and ask him to guide them to the straight path and take every attachment to worldly matters away from their hearts.

The Story of Prophet Moses and Al-Khidr

“Never think you can choose better for yourself than Allah can; you can’t predict the future and don’t know whether such things are good or bad for you. So, accept it until you know Allah’s wisdom.

Allah said in surah al baqarah 216:

"Fighting has been obligatory upon you ˹believers˺, though you dislike it. Perhaps you hate something good for you and like things bad for you. Surely, Allah knows, and you do not know.

And The story of the prophet Moses and al-khidr, the wise man, is the best example of such meanings.

In this story, Moses was exclaimed by the actions of Al-Khadr: making a hole in a ship owned by poor people, killing a young boy, and aiding villagers that refused to offer hospitality to them…

Moses wasn’t patient and kept asking the Wiseman about what drives him to such incredible acts.

Nonetheless, when Al-Khadr explained to him the reasons revealed by Allah to do such acts, he was convinced that even if he didn’t know the wisdom of Allah, and even if he thought what happened was horrible, he should believe that everything happens for a reason no one knows but Allah.

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allah knows the best for us

Quranic Quotes on Allah Know Best.

Many quranic quotes imply Allah’s wisdom and human ignorance.

This is enjoined on whoever has faith in Allah and the Last Day. This is purer and more dignifying for you. Allah knows, and you do not know. (Al-Baqarah/232)

Here you are! You disputed what you have ˹little˺ knowledge of, but why do you now argue about what you have no knowledge of?2 Allah knows, and you do not know. (Al-Imran/66)

Indeed, those who love to see indecency spread among the believers will suffer a painful punishment in this life and the Hereafter. Allah knows, and you do not know. (an-nur/19)

Indeed, Allah will admit those who believe and do good into the Gardens under which rivers flow. Surely Allah does what He wills. (al-hajj/14)

˹We let you know this˺ so that you neither grieve over what you have missed nor boast over what He has granted you. For Allah does not like whoever is arrogant, boastful— (al Hadid, 23).

What Dua Should You Read if You Want Something?

Whenever you ask God to achieve what you wish for. call upon God, for supplication is in the essence of worship, so the Muslim must resort to God Almighty and tell him what he loves and desires without any intermediary. Below a prayer, you can say when you need a particular thing from Allah.

None has the right to be worshipped but Allah, the Forbearing, the Most Generous. Glory is to Allah, the Lord of the Mighty Throne. Praise is to Allah, the Lord of the worlds. O Allah, I ask You for the means of Your mercy and forgiveness, the benefit of every good deed, and safety from all sins. I ask You not to leave any sin of mine, but You forgive it, or any distress but You relieve it, or any need pleasing to You, but You meet it). Then he should ask Allah for whatever he wants in this world and in the Hereafter, for it is decreed.

Put Your Trust in Him and Never Lose Hope

So, whatever you come through right now, Don’t lose hope and remember the story of Jacob’s brothers when they returned to him from Egypt without goods, so Jacob asked them to not lose hope in Allah.

Oh, my sons! Go and search ˹diligently˺ for Joseph and his brother. And do not lose hope in the mercy of Allah, for no one loses hope in Allah’s mercy except those with no faith.” (Youssef, 87)

Don’t forget to thank Allah and ask him to give you the strength to go through the hard times, patience that you don’t judge Allah’s wisdom, and understanding that you trust Allah in all times.

And remember, everything in life is temporary. Nothing will last forever: happiness, sadness, good, bad, bliss, and agony.. All people have their share of good and bad events. And we should take a hard time with full acceptance and be thankful for Allah in the good times.

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