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10 Eid Gift ideas to show love for your family

Eid Al Fitr is this happy occasion all Muslims eagerly await every year with the beginning of the blessed month of Ramadan. As the countdown begins, the old and young welcome this special occasion with joy and adornments.

it’s wonderful on this joyful occasion to remember those we love with a beautiful gift that confirms our love for them. Whether it’s your parents, spouse, siblings, or children, giving them a precious gift will make them happier and they’ll feel much appreciated. In most countries, exchanging gifts is a traditional way of showing celebration and courtesy.

In this article, we will give you the 10 best Eid gift ideas to show love and affection for your loved one

Best Eid Gift Ideas for Your Family

Here are attractive eid gift ideas you can do to make your family happy and grateful.

1. Prayer rugs/beads

They are precious gifts for your parents, spouse, or even children as an encouragement for them for fasting. Also, they will be happy when carrying it out when going to mosques for Eid prayer There are many collections of embossed prayer mats or beads you can choose from on Amazon

. They have the engraving of kabba’s doors or curtains and vary in their colors. You can find one with colors like orange, red, black, blue, golden, and other blended colors. Choose the best colors and designs that fit whom you gift.

2. Toys and deserts

Among the eid gift ideas for kids are toys and dessert

The world of a kid is composed of toys. No doubt that all children in the world are attached to toys and they’re the most rewarding gifts for them. But what kind of games you can offer for your kids? mostly those which are amusing and brain-triggering.

  • lego bricks

They’re appropriate for kids starting at 4 years old. Other than offering joy and enjoyment, lego is one of the most beneficial games that increase a child’s cognitive skills. Also, it has a substantially positive impact on their problem-solving and creativity levels. 

  • Fun Alphabet Board Games 

Alphabet boards are stimulating, educational methods for your child to learn Arabic letters pre-school and without being stuck in boring ways of learning. See fun Arabic alphabets boards on Amazon.

Also, other gifts that will never fail to disappoint any child are maze games, drawing sketches, and puzzles. For mummies, let your kids adorn biscuits and cookies or any kind of eid desserts. Those memorable moments they share with you will always persist in their minds as they grow up.

3. Cash

Also known in Arabic countries as Eidiya (in Arabic العيدية), It’s an Islamic tradition that’s traced back centuries ago. Eidiya is a sum of money parents hand out to their children, even before eid prayer or after it.

Also, the child’s relatives often give cash to young children. In a deep sense, it means financial support for their family. Husbands also can give Eidiya to their wives as a kind of support and apperciation.

There’s no fixed number about how much you can give as it differs from one family to another. It has to do more with the way you give it than how much you give.

Best Eid Gift Ideas for Your Wife

Below are eid gift ideas for your wife, you can also give them to your friend, mother or sister, and women in general

4. jewelry

Jewelry is one of the best ways to express love and has a precious value. Most people love to offer it on Eids. So why don’t you snatch this joyful occasion to surprise your loved one with a sublime piece of jewelry? you can choose a gemstone necklace, silver earrings, or Bracelets

Engrave an Islamic phrase like Allah Akbar or Bismillah on the piece of jewelry and put it neatly in a distinctive Mushaf-like box, or a wooden box decorated with Islamic phrases and Quranic verses among other accessories.

If you can make accessories with your hands, then don’t hesitate to give it a try. Whether it’s a small pocket or a colorful scarf, your best friend will cherish it.

5. Clothes

Women are obsessed with clothes no matter how many pieces of them they keep in their closets! Eid. surely, the choice of clothes differs from one country to another. In South-Asian countries, women prefer wearing anarkalis and exotic salwars and adorn themselves with lots of jewelry.

In India and Pakistan, Muslim Pakistani women don’t wear a sari and prefer suits along with burka. but Sari is the custom cloth for women in India. In GCC and northern Africa, women traditionally wear an abaya, a simple, loose, robe-like garment. In general, clothes are among the best eid gift ideas for women across the globe!

Best eid gift ideas for friends

Here are the best eid gift ideas for your friends, and relatives.

6. Eid dessert

Sharing dessert with your loved one is one of the cherished ways to express love and attachment for them, and fill their hearts with joy and jubilance.

You can prepare a box of dessert either you made it yourself or purchased it from pastry shops, then distribute it among your relatives, friends, and even family. Make sure the boxes are clean, well-adorned, and wrapped with cellophane paper.

Also, when visited by your relative or guests, offering them desserts on an adorned plate is one of the captivating ways to show hospitality to them.

7. perfumes

Among Eid gift ideas are perfumes. Nothing more nerve-tickling than a pleasant odor wafting through the air. Perfume tickles the feelings and senses and choosing it perfectly reflects how you think about the one whom you gift it with and his/her own’s taste.

Besides, they have a long-term effect. Each time, he/she will smell the fragrance of your gifted perfume, they will remember you. perfumes are a not-specific gift, you can hand them to your friend, wife, husband, and siblings.

8. A gift basket

Instead of buying individual items, you can make a gift basket that contains all stuff. Choice of items insides depends certainly on the receiver. If it’s your female friends, you can put in a scarf and a cosmetic product like skincare cream in the basket-or even a combination of self-care products.

For your parents, you can place a Mushaf, a prayer mat, and maybe a dark-blue bead. Kids will enjoy a box full of toys you’ve always promised them with.

If you want to hand a gift basket to a family of different ages, you can pick out a little item for everything.

9. Mushaf

Looking for eid al Adha gift ideas for your friend? The Holy Qur’an is considered one of the religious gifts that can show appreciation and respect.

You can make your gift into a unique piece through the use of an elegant Sharif Quran case bearing Arabic and Islamic inscriptions that lends your gift elegance and exceptional beauty.

The souvenir shop also allows you to engrave the name of your loved one or a message to your loved one on this exquisite case.

10. a bouquet of roses

It is one of the gifts commonly used on various occasions. Flowers carry noble messages that touch the hearts of the recipient and address his/her feelings. And Though there’s so simple, they remain at the top when searching for Eid al-Adha gift ideas.

11. Incenses

Incense is one of the Eid gift ideas you can grant to your friends and parents. It is associated with the spiritual part of our conscience. Its distinctive fragrance tempts people into buying it to give their home a unique spiritual atmosphere.

For an integrated gift, bring an incense burner in any form, whether traditional or electric. Most importantly, to match the personality of your friends or relatives, if they don’t prefer to stay much at home, the electric incense burner will be the best for them.

You can create your own Eid gift box by combining incense with any type of incense burner in a box, then wrap it softly and let Its odor ooze out through the room.

Tips for choosing the best eid gift ideas:

There are some tips you can follow when choosing gifts for your loved one

1. Write down a list of gifts that you can think it (To choose the best gift among them)

2. When choosing a particular gift, take into account the tastes, personalities, and traits of the people you’ll present it to them. For example, choose a specific scarf for your friend to match a piece of cloth she already had.

3. wrap your gift attractively and distinctively. Don’t put it in a mundane case, it’s better to buy a gift box or case designed for this purpose.

4. Don’t exaggerate when buying and giving gifts. Some gifts may be simple, but they are beautiful and distinctive. Also, purchasing something so expensive can pose a burden for the receiver who might not be able to gift you back.

5. consider well how far the one who receives your gift is closed to you. Don’t gift people you’ve superficial relationships with them, since it seems vulgar and exaggerated.


Giving is one of the most transcending deeds ever and on occasions, its value increases. People always exchange gifts on Muslim Eids, whether it’s Eid al-Fitr or Al Adha as a way of celebrating and showing love.

In this article, we listed the +10 best eid gift ideas you can choose from, but always remember, the gift is a silent massager for your feelings toward the receiver. So, always choose it neatly.

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