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Nour Al Bayan Course: Your Guide to Learning Arabic

If you want to start learning Arabic and don’t have any background in this language or are living in a foreign country and searching for an online Arabic course tutor for your kid, the Nour al bayan course is the best option for you.

In this course, the teacher starts with you from scratch and teaches you the Arabic alphabet, which is a good step to qualify you to learn Arabic in more deeper sense.

Nour Al Bayan

What Is Nour Al Bayan course?

Also known as the Quida course, Noor Al Bayan is a unique and fundamental course that offers a detailed understanding of the Arabic language. The course is designed to provide students with a solid foundation in the Arabic alphabet and harakat, so it’s an entry for people who want to learn how to read Quran and Arabic texts.

What Do You Learn?

In this course, the student be able to

  • Recognize Arabic letters (from أ to ى) and their shapes.
  • Pronounce each letter from its articulation point ( مخارج in Arabic).
  • Pronounce the Arabic alphabets clearly with the three movements (Harkat): fatha, kasra, and Dumma.
  • Notice how the shapes of the letters vary in different positions in the word (beginning, medium, end).
  • Distinguish between the letters similar in their pronunciation like ق، ك or ث ، س
  • Learn how to spell the letters in a word (with the three movements)
  • Learn the three Madd letters أ ، و ، ى.
  • learn how to pronounce letters with Shadda and sukoon

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How Long Is This Course?

This course takes about 25-50 hours to complete, and the period varies from one student to another according to their educational background, Arabic proficiency level, acquisition capacity, and age.

Who Is This Course For?

This course is online 100%, and you can learn it everywhere. It’s most suitable for kids and adults who live in non-Arabic speaking countries and want to develop their knowledge about the Arabic language for general or quranic purposes

Even if you don’t know how to pronounce a word in Arabic, this course is still suitable for you because our tutors will guide you through the process of learning Arabic from scratch.

Also, it’s ideal for parents who live offshore and seek to teach their children Arabic in a safe, interactive environment. ( note: the ideal age for a kid to start this course is 6. However, it’s not a standard rule as every individual is unique).

Hear It from Our Former Students:

”Going through the course in the portal helps keep me & my teacher on track, and I love that I can review the books straight from my account!” – Hussam, CA

Why Do You Enroll in This Course?

Many reasons make you choose hafizon academy to enroll in this course:

1. Learn with experienced, Arabic native tutors

Learn with native experienced tutors gratulated from al Azhar university and have over ten years of teaching Arabic and Quran tajweed for non-native speakers. They can communicate in Arabic and English, so don’t be bothered if you don’t know how to pronounce an Arabic word at first. Also, our teachers are very supportive, gentle, patient, and educated about recent technological approaches to learning.

2. Interactive, stimulating environment

We offer an interactive environment that stimulates students to learn through deploying boards, videos, and audiobooks and involving the students in the learning process. We aren’t just delivering information to the students and leaving them to do their homework afterward. But we’re careful to motivate them to take part in the learning process through questions and two-sided communication, so in the end, they understand the lessons and apply what they understood during the class, not after.

3. One-to-one private course

We apply one-to-one private lessons as we find it great for students to absorb information more quickly and efficiently than group sessions. You will have your personal tutor who will help you or your kids improve your pronunciation and writing of Arabic letters in a custom and tailored way. Also, you can attend with your kids if you want to be assured about the quality of the learning process.

4. Female and male tutors

We offer female and male tutors according to your desire. There is no difference between male and female tutors in terms of ability or effectiveness. However, some attendants may prefer to work with a tutor of their own gender. Male and female tutors both have the same goal of helping students succeed in their studies.

5. Performance reports and quizzes

Performance reports and quizzes can help you assess your progress and identify areas where you need to continue to improve. In contrast, Quizzes can be used to test knowledge or skills and can be adapted to various difficulty levels. At Hafizon academy, we’re careful to educate our students about their performance through reports and quizzes almost in or after every session.

6. High Technical support

Our team is available 24 hours a week to hear your complaints and answer your inquiries. Just contact us at Support@hafizon.com

7. Rewards and certificates for diligent students

We love to motivate students for their performance and ensure an enjoyable learning environment… So if you or your kids have proven their success, you might have great rewards from us, such as great discounts, free classes, or some items shipped to your house on amazon.

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Frequently asked questions

What does Noorani Qaida mean?

Noorani Qaida by Sheikh Noor Muhammad Haqqani is an Islamic educational book used to teach how to read the Arabic Language easily and effortlessly. And whoever masters those rules understand and recite the Quran well no matter his/her age as the author of this book has collected all of the tajwid rules with examples of the Quran in a gradual order, starting from single letters, compound letters, and so on.

Why is it necessary to learn Noorani Qaida?

Muslims must master Noorani Qaida from the beginning to be able to recite Quran. The Noorani Qaida contains all spelling rules starting from the Arabic alphabet and is designed to assist non-native Muslims in perfecting their Arabic pronunciation.

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