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Islamic Studies for Kids: Learn All Areas of Islam in A Single Course

If you’re a Muslim living in a foreign country, you definitely want to raise your children in an Islamic way.. and make them absorb Islam earlier so they don’t get affected by western values…

It’s said that learning when young is like carving in the rock

kids at an early age are curious to know and their memory is still clear and hungry for questions, especially about Allah. They ask questions like why we should worship him? and what’s the meaning to be Muslim.

Islamic studies for kids, by hafizon academy, is a fundamental, integrated course. It includes everything the children should know about Allah, angles, prophets, resurrection, and glimpses of prophet Mohammed’s life, besides other information, which we’ll explain later.

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What Are Islamic Studies for Kids Course?

Islamic studies for kids course develops children’s Islamic knowledge by introducing them to Islam as a religion and helping them develop a strong understanding of its principles, as it covers all areas of Islamic fundamental subjects such as the Five Pillars of Islam, and the life of the Prophet Muhammad.

What Do You Learn in This Course?

In this course, the course will learn, many topics, including

  • Who is Allah, prophets, angels, the day of judgment
  • The five pillars in their Islam, their significance, and how they apply it
  • Some important worships that any Muslims should perform
  • Some hadiths of the prophet Mohammed
  • Dua and its importance, and times when Allah answers dua
  • The names of Prophets
  • The names of prophet Mohammed’s wives
  • Some of the prophet’s conquests and excerpts of his life

This course is designed in an integrated way, so the kid could understand, and consists of five sections that are taught co-currently

SectionExplanationwhat do you study
Akida (Creed)set of beliefs that guide Muslims in their daily lives. It helps them to know what is right and wrong, and what is required of them as Muslims. Akida is based on the Quran and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).-Who is Allah? and why do we worship him?
-Prophets ‘ names
-The day of judgment
– Paradise and hell (description)
– Angles and their feature
– Destiny in Islam
– Jinn and Devils
HadithIt refers to the study of the sayings and actions of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)In this section, the student learns several hadiths ascribed to the prophet Mohammed
FiqhFiqh is the Islamic science of jurisprudence, which deals with all matters of Muslim life, from personal hygiene to financial transactions, from marriage to funeral rites.-How to perform Prayer
-How to perform fasting
-How to perform wudu
Sirah and Islamic historyIt refers to the biography of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. It is also known as the “Life of Muhammad” and “History of Muhammad”. The Sira covers the events of Muhammad’s life from his birth to his death.in the section, the student will learn excerpts from prophet Muhammad’s life, conquests, events, and the names of his wives, and companions
Quran Tafseerexplanation of Quran surahsIn this section, the student will learn the Tasfeer of some surahs and verses in part 30.
Duaform of supplication or prayer in which a Muslim asks Allah for something.In this section, the student learns the importance of dua for Muslims and simpls Duas to recite.

The Structure of This Course

This course is structured into three levels

The first level: (Beginner)

In this level, your kid will learn the basics of Akida, and he knows who is Allah, prophets, the pillars of Islam and faith, and some hadith, duas, etiquettes, and manners of Islam important in his life such as dealing with parents.

Also, he/she will study the first part of prophet Mohammed’s seerah (his birth, family, when and where he received revelation, and how Allah prepare him for the massage.

The second level (intermediate)

In this level, your kid will learn important topics in fiqh such as how to perform the prayer, wudu, and fasting in a very simplified way. And, he will learn some hadiths and duas that help him in his life and is suitable for his age.

Also, he will study the second part of prophet Mohammed’s seerah (His marriage, the levels of massage, and the spreading of Islam.

The third level (advanced)

In this level, your kid will be introduced to the third part of seerah and know the names of the prophet’s Mohammed wives and children, conquests and know further information about prophet Mohammed’s life and his companions.

Also, he will learn more topics in fiqh and Akida that are quite important and fits his level and learn Quran Tafseer of some surahs in juz amma. 

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Who Is the Course For?

This course is suitable for Muslims living in non-muslim countries and searching for an online Islamic school for teaching their kids the fundamental Islamic studies online at an early age to instill the spirit of Islam in their little hearts, and build a strong and proud Muslim generation

Why Choose Us?

Hafizon academy is an online Islamic school that offers Islamic education courses for both kids and adults. Here are the top reasons for choosing hafizon for this course

Male and female teachers

There is no difference between male and female teachers in terms of quality. They both have the same job, which is to teach students. However, some people love female or male teachers especially, So, we ensure having both and you can choose any of them for teaching your kids. according to your preference

Free trails

Since people couldn’t settle for a teacher from the first time. We offer a free trial class for each of our courses. If your kid doesn’t like the teacher for any reason, you’ve offered an opportunity for a second trial with another tutor.

Funny, Interactive Environment

Kids love excitement, thus, Our online classes occur in a very funny, and engaging environment that involves kids in the learning process by telling the stories of the prophet Mohammed and Islamic history in a very interesting way, using video clips that keep their intentions and fuels their curiosity to know more.

Learn with Experienced Tutors

Learn with handi-picked native speakers who know to communicate both in Arabic and English and are experienced in dealing with kids and teaching Islamic manners in an interesting age-appropriate way so they can understand the basic concepts related to their lives without overwhelming their heads with complicated topics.

One-To-One Classes

We don’t apply group classes because they are quite distracting.. we found that private one-to-one lessons are better for kids who need concentration and interest from their tutor. Along with those advantages, we offer performance reports and short quizzes that monitor kids’ progress, and certificates and rewards that motivate kids to learn.

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Benefits of Taking the Course?

There are many advantages to taking Islamic studies for kids course, including

Cultivating Faith in Allah

Children associate everything around them in life with the presence and ability of God Almighty and ask about everything that they do not understand, such as the secret of existence. that’s a good reason for instilling faith at a younger age, since children’s minds aren’t implanted by opposing ideas and opinions, and they’re still so pure to be indoctrinated by Islamic teachings and concepts.

Building Islamic Personality

By studying the story of the prophet Mohammed and other prophets, kids can learn more about their religion and develop a stronger connection to their god. Additionally, they can also gain a better understanding of what it means to be a Muslim in today’s world. Ultimately, by building their Islamic personality, they can become better equipped to deal with the challenges and opportunities that they face in life.

Instill the love of Islam

Teaching kids religious matters, when they’re still young, is a mandatory religious duty for Muslims. It is a must of every Muslim to ensure that their children learn about Islam and its teachings from a young age. If they have the Islamic foundations built into their minds younger, they won’t be distracted or diverted a lot when they grow adults, especially when living in western communities.

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Teaching kids Islamic studies is important, especially in living in a non-muslim community as it helps them grow on a solid foundation and connect their little hearts with Allah, so they understand he is the source of their everything, and when they need something, they should ask him for it.

Hafizon academy offers Islamic studies for kids course, an integrated series that introduce kids to important matters in Akida, fiqh, and prophet Mohammed’s Sirah in a very simple way that matches each kid’s age and understanding level.

If you want to subscribe now to the Islamic studies course for your kids, book a free trial right here.

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