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What’s the Best Way to Learn Arabic [Practical Tips]

Arabic is one of the most mysterious long-enduring languages but it’s also the most difficult for many reasons. It has letters not existed in other languages, and its grammar is an enigma for even Arabic people.

If you ask people about the best way to learn Arabic? you’d likely get different answers!

Someone might say I subscribed to a course, another will say I picked it when I was in Jordon or Egypt. However, learning languages is no longer a secret. In this article, we’ll break down the basic skills of what you’ve to do for not just learning Arabic but everything!

What’s the Best Way to Learn Arabic?

Learning a language is a skill and the rule says all skills are learnable. All you’ve to do is to learn how this skill works and boil it down to its 4 basic sub-skills, which are listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Listening and reading are inputs since their only role is to enter new vocabularies into your mind while speaking and reading are outputs, as during them you recall the words, you already stored and spell them out.

If you don’t listen enough, your speaking skills will suck, and the same with reading and writing. Thus, The best way to learn Arabic or anything is to practice what you learned!.

1. Listen to Arabic Podcasts

Most people will recommend you to listen to a specific thing like news, songs, or documentaries. However, the best way to learn Arabic is to listen to what you love to do in your language.

If the news stands an interesting topic to you – though rarely do people think so- then listen to Arabic news. But if you are fond of music in general, then immerse yourself in Arabic songs!

You’re the one who is mindful about what you like, so simply don’t let anyone dictate what you listen to – otherwise, you’ll get bored before you even begin. There are plenty of vedios in every niche on the internet, so your only role is to choose what matches your taste.

After deciding on what kind of vedios to listen to, listen to them every day for over a year!

Dedicate a specific time for listening. It might be in the morning before going to work or in the evening. If you don’t specify some time during your whole day to only listen to Arabic podcasts/ vedios, you’ll never progress.

2. Write the New Vocabulary

Each time you’re stuck in a new word, write it down in the sentence you find it. For example when you see الحياة جميلة (life is beautiful) and you don’t understand what الحياة means, search for its meaning on almaanydictionary

After knowing its meaning, record the sentence with the new word in a notebook or word document. Over time, you’ll get a volume of new words that are easy to be revised.

The second step you’ve to do is to form new sentences using the new-saved word. For example, you can write أنا أحبّ الحياة or (i love life). The more you use any word, the more it’s attached to your mind.

3. Read in Arabic

Again. If you ask what stuff should I read? the same answer: it all relies on your desire and your level. let’s say you’re fond of Arabic history, then don’t begin with the complicated books written by renowned authors. pick some story so simple that a 10-year-old kid can grasp!

This way will give you more confidence and push you to smoothly move into another higher learning level without much effort.

4. Find a speaking partner

That’s the hardest part as all skills we just mentioned can be done alone except speaking. You’ve to find a person to chat with.

We’ll give you tips on how to find a speaking partner but if you don’t love to chat with someone due to confidence issues, you might try to speak with yourself. After listening to an online video, pause, try to rethink what information the presenter wants to convey then express it orally to yourself.

However, if you seek a real conversation, then join Arabic learning groups on Whatsapp or find an Arabic speaker at beglingual apps, and offer him a deal. You’ll teach him your language in exchange for learning his.

But the best way to learn Arabic speaking is to join an Arabic conversation course. That way, you guarantee that you receive language from authoritative, native speakers who can teach you engagingly and monitor your progress.

We offer Hafizon academy a trial class for learning Arabic for free. Try it here.

What Is the Best Way to Learn Arabic at Home?

As we mentioned before, there are 4 skills you’ve to develop to reach an Arabic proficiency level and you’re now aware of how to improve each one. But the first step you’ve to do is to set a goal. why do you want to learn Arabic, what time are you’ll dedicate to achieving this goal, and most importantly what type of Arabic do you want to learn?

Primarily, the Arabic language is categorized into three standards:

classical Arabic: used in Quran and old Arabic literature

Modern Standard Arabic (MSA): used in the press, educational books, documentaries, and modern literature.

colloquial Arabic: the local, spoken dialect – often interface with MSA but contains words specific to the region where it evolves. For example, the spoken dialect in Egypt differs slightly from the spoken language in Lebanese but they’ve much in common.

The best way to learn Arabic is to set an objective about which standard of Arabic you want to learn and align the 4 learning skills with this goal.

what is the best way to learn Egyptian Arabic?

The first question that might come to your mind is. Do I need to learn MSA to learn Egyptian Arabic? the blunt answer is no, and you don’t have to learn reading or writing either.

Many immigrant Arab kids can speak Arabic fluently because their Egyptian parents used to speak Egyptian Arabic in front of them too far that their ears became familiar with it.

So, to learn Egyptian Arabic all you’ve to do is:

  1. Surround yourself with this dialect, watch Egyptian films, music, T.V shows, series, or even the vedios of top influencers on youtube. This long immersion will lead to language familiarity.

2. Learn common Egyptian expressions/ idioms by listening to them. You can find a list of common idioms here with its MSA’s parallel.

3. Find an Egyptian partner with whom you practice Egyptian Arabic. You can find him on languages-exchange apps. Agree to speak at regular times each day. Ideally, you and he can speak a common language like English so you don’t fall into miscommunication problems or lose control over the learning process.

4. Join a course. This is the most professional and the best way to learn Arabic (Egypt) since you’ll speak with reliable, native tutors.

What Is the Best Way to Learn How to Read and Write Arabic

First, learning reading and writing in Arabic can consume about 2 years to reach a seemingly fluent level. But it takes less to reach a modest level. The best way to learn Arabic is:

  1. If you’re a beginner, start by learning the Alphabet. (Arabic alphabet follows the abjad system, in which 25 letters are consonant and only three letters are vowels: Alif, ya, waw)

2. Recognizing the shape of each Arabic letter requires a lot of exercises as it differs according to the letter’s position in the sentence.

3. After being familiar with Alphabet, learn basic grammar rules. You don’t have to be an expert, but just know a little like Arabic words can be a verb, nouns, or letters (harf) and sentences in Arabic can start with a noun or a verb. We can say for example ذهب الولد إلى المدرسة or الولد ذهب إلى المدرسة ( the boy goes to school).

4. Start reading short stories and scripts in Arabic. You can find plenty of them on amazon. Also, You can study educational books like Arabic between your hands.

What Is the Best Way to Learn Arabic Online?

We gave you many ways to learn Arabic either by reading books, engaging with Arabic people, or listening to Arabic podcasts. The best way to learn Arabic is to combine all of those methods and dedicate a specific time (an average hour per day) to practice.

Since most people lose their motivation along this road, enrolling in online learning courses can give them the push and create a much more stimulating environment that is more impactful than irregular, random learning.

In hafizon academy, we offer you the opportunity to learn Arabic from zero to hero and monitor your progress regularly. You will learn under native Arabic-speaking people who graduated from AL-Azhar university and are educated about the recent interactive ways of learning. And You’re free to set your study hours.

Want a piece of evidence? try our course here for free right now.


Learning Arabic is a challenging feat. Arabic is ranked the top as the hardest language in the world. But as all languages can be learned, Arabic is no exception!

The best way to learn Arabic is to specify a time each day to improve the four skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. If you can’t do that yourself, enroll in a course that will effortlessly boost your progress.

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