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Arabic is the language of the Holy Qur’an, the book that Allah sent down to guide people.
Many parents are looking for an Arabic reading course for their children on the importance of the Arabic language. Arabic is a primary language all over the world. Itqan Quran offered an Arabic reading course. Let’s show more details about this course and see how your child will benefit from enrolling in it.
What is the Arabic reading course for children?
Learning at an early age is very easy and important. especially knowing a language; it helps the child become proficient as he grows up. Choosing a professional Arabic teacher who specializes in teaching non-Arabs through an online or in-school Arabic language course helps the child to get maximum benefits. Teaching Arabic online is very popular these days. Many parents enroll in individual Arabic language courses to ensure that children understand all the subjects.
How did the Arabic reading class go?
Children can learn Arabic or read Arabic words following a specific educational curriculum. They first learn the shapes of letters, how to pronounce them, how to form new words, and how to write complete sentences. We do this strategy in the Arabic reading Course for Kids.
 The steps of teaching Arabic reading courses to children in our academy are as follows:

  1. Speaking proficiency: Children can achieve this goal by reading the alphabet several times to the teacher to pronounce it correctly.
  2. Listen to native speakers: Listening to speakers of Arabic as a native language helps children learn new vocabulary and read words correctly.
  3. Learning grammar: The introduction of grammatical rules helps children to form correct Arabic sentences because it is based mainly on verbs.
  4. Learn new words: Languages consist of several words grouped into sentences. If we have many words in our minds, we can form more and more sentences.

These were the most critical steps we followed in our strategy to teach Arabic to children to help them understand the language.


Advantages of teaching our child how to read Arabic:

Learning multiple languages means more understanding of the world around us. Especially because Arabic spreads worldwide. One of the most important advantages of teaching Arabic to children is enabling them to read the Noble Quran and understand its meanings correctly. All this will favor their parents because they will get a great reward from Allah for what they have done for their children’s Deen.

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